Arraya Has Embraced Esm Why You Should Too

Arraya Has Embraced ESM: Why You Should Too

Arraya Insights | April 28, 2015

There was a time when IT was seen as the people who lurked in the shadows, tucked away in massive data centers, only emerging whenever a copier or a computer was on the fritz. That was also when a company’s IT department was the only way for an organization to get at information services. IT was the majority, if not the only, decision-maker in terms of what products were used, how they were delivered, how often they were updated and how they were secured.  

Enter the cloud.

In today’s business world, IT pros are still the first people to hear when something goes wrong. But as technology’s role in supporting the business grows, companies are putting increased pressure on IT to deliver, support and maintain business-critical services. Furthermore, the consumerization of IT has placed a massive amount of control and technology at the fingertips, or should we say credit cards, of non-techies.

As a result, today’s IT can’t act only as a help desk and sit on the sidelines as their own company’s departments run off with other providers. IT is a provider as much as every cloud vendor out there. They’re both at risk of losing their customer base if they don’t deliver at the highest level.

Being able to present new technologies and solutions to the business in a quick and effortless manner will put IT in the forefront of this consumerization of technology. It will also help IT fill its new, more strategic role as an enabler of business success.

How to manage these changes

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is the way to get there. ESM, as a discipline, provides a method of continuous service improvement, continually aligning – and increasing the value of – a department or service area to the organization as a whole. Instead of being held back by inefficiencies, departments are empowered to grow and evolve the services they perform to stay in step with industry demands. This is accomplished through simple and accurate reporting of work effort, allowing a company’s IT and business units to work more efficiently and transparently together.

ESM tools utilize the cloud to consolidate and automate IT services, allowing entire companies to provide more consistent, stable and reliable services. Specifically, ESM gives companies the ability to:

  • Develop no-touch workflows, reducing time-consuming manual tasks and making it possible to do more with the resources they already have. 
  • Standardize service delivery to ensure a more consistent handling of requests, incidents, changes, etc. This leads to increased compliance with industry regulations, faster resolution of issues, and fewer (and shorter) unplanned disruptions.
  • Consumerize services through intuitive self-service tools that give requester access to workflows and knowledge centers, boosting efficiency by reducing the strain on the service desk.
  • Streamline communication among departments into one source of record, making the service relationships between IT and the rest of the enterprise more transparent, accountable and auditable.

Take advantage of accurate and simple of out the box business processes and reporting. At Arraya, the foundation of our business is service excellence. We pride ourselves on delivering superhero levels of service to our customers. It was only natural ESM would catch our eye as a solution that was worth offering to those customers. We’re passionate about its ability to transform companies for the better. So passionate, in fact, that we’re going to spend time each month digging deeper into, and posting about, a different game-changing topic, all of which support ESM.

Our goal is that by sharing our insights and our observations each month, we’ll inspire organizations to embrace the wholesale improvements that can be achieved by way of ESM and the concepts that tie in to and power it.