5 Costly (Yet Easy-to-Miss) Help Desk Mistakes

Arraya Insights| May 2, 2016

Everyone makes mistakes – even Help Desk staffers, aka the folks who businesses rely on to clean up after others, aren’t immune. In many cases, there’s just a little bit more on the line when the Help Desk drops the ball. After all, how many employees can no longer imagine doing their jobs without the […]

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How to Eliminate QuickTime Threats Using Microsoft SCCM

Arraya Insights| April 21, 2016

Earlier this week, TrendMicro posted a blog informing the public of two major vulnerabilities it found within Apple QuickTime software. Apple is no longer issuing security updates for QuickTime so the only way to be completely safe is to uninstall it from your machine. For organizations with hundreds or thousands of workstations, this could be […]

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A Brief Guide to VMware's Latest End User Computing Updates

Arraya Insights|

End user computing from VMware looks a little different lately. The virtualization leader recently announced a host of new releases, reorganizations, and renames coming to its line of end user computing products. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest updates impacting VMware’s end user computing sphere and what these changes mean for […]

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Solving 3 Painfully Common After-Hours IT Support Complications

Arraya Insights| April 20, 2016

Imagine a world where IT issues stuck to a 9-5 schedule. How about we make that 9:30 to give IT pros a chance to have that first cup of coffee and ease into the day? Sounds great, but we all know that issues can crop up anywhere, at any time. Providing around-the-clock technical support sounds […]

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Managed Help Desk or New Hire: Which is the Right Fit for You?

Arraya Insights| April 13, 2016

Help Desks are feeling the pressure. Business’ technological needs are expanding at a dizzying rate. Employees are seeking greater and greater flexibility, both in terms of where they can work from and the devices they can use to do their jobs. In many cases, supporting these transitions has stretched traditional Help Desk environments to the […]

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7 Reasons Now is the Time to Upgrade to vSphere Enterprise Plus

Arraya Insights| April 11, 2016

VMware recently released a few dates concerning its vSphere family of products. If your business makes use of any of those tools and the following dates aren’t marked on your calendar, you’ll likely want to add them ASAP. Date Why It’s Noteworthy March 31, 2016 All versions of vSphere Enterprise and vSphere with Operations Management […]

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Cisco Partner Summit 2016: 3 Must-Know Announcements

Arraya Insights| April 6, 2016

Recently, members of the Arraya Solutions team made the cross-country trek to the Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego, CA. The week-long event featured plenty of announcements and sessions likely to pique the interest of Cisco customers and end users alike. Now that our team members have had ample time to review their notes, digest what […]

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What Okta’s Insight Into the Cloud Tells Us About Microsoft

Arraya Insights| April 4, 2016

In case you aren’t familiar with Okta, it front ends SaaS based applications with a single point of login. This is very similar to a Microsoft product called Azure Active Directory Premium, which has an App Panel for the same functionality. The one advantage that Okta has is that it likely has a more robust […]

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5 Ways Cisco Unified CCX Boosts Customer Retention Efforts

Arraya Insights| March 31, 2016

Sometimes the shortest path from customer to ex-customer runs through a business’ call center. No matter if they’re calling for support, additional info, or some other need, a bad call center experience can inspire a customer to consider other options. The opposite is also true – positive call center experiences can be vital to keeping […]

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What Microsoft's New Azure Update Can Do For Your VMware VMs

Arraya Insights| March 30, 2016

Microsoft just made protecting VMware virtual machines (VMs) in the Azure cloud as seamless as possible – and it did so while lowering cost of ownership and improving manageability. Those are some of the takeaways from a recent announcement by the tech giant concerning the enhanced VMware-to-Azure functionality that has come to Azure Site Recovery […]

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