Arraya Celebrates 5th Annual Open House

Arraya Insights| October 23, 2015

They say you can’t go home again, but Arraya did our part to disprove that theory with our 5th Annual Open House and Technology Day. After two years of hosting the event at an off-site venue, we brought our yearly event back to the friendly confines of our corporate headquarters andthe homecoming was a great […]

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What it Takes to Bridge the IT/OT Divide and Succeed with IoT

Arraya Insights| October 20, 2015

The growing influence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has made for some strange bedfellows, especially in the manufacturing industry. In the old days, IT was in one corner, tending to the hardware, infrastructure and software applications used to manage data. Meanwhile, OT concerned itself with the devices and real time processes that occurred on […]

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4 Data Protection Horror Stories – And How Azure Can Help

Arraya Insights| October 16, 2015

How about getting into the Halloween spirit with a few scary stories? Only these aren’t about vampires or zombies, they’re about a real business fear: keeping control over data. While the undead may be enough for some, seasoned IT pros know the threat of sensitive data falling in the wrong hands is where the real […]

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Study Analyzes Cyber Security Efforts: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

Arraya Insights| October 15, 2015

What better time than the middle of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, with Halloween right around the corner, to share a few security statistics bound to give IT chills? Don’t worry, we’re not just trying to scare you. We also have some ideas on how to address the challenges presented by those statistics. Recently, Spiceworks […]

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Arraya Solutions CTO David Bakker Speaks at ELFA Tech & Ops Conference

Arraya Insights| October 6, 2015

Arraya Solutions’ CTO David Bakker presented at the annual Equipment Leasing & Finance Association Operations and Technology Conference & Exhibition on a number of noteworthy IT topics, highlighted by a discussion of the hybrid cloud. The presentation – which was titled: “To Cloud or Not to Cloud: What is My Strategy?” – also featured Doug Cohen, […]

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What’s New in Office 365

Arraya Insights| September 29, 2015

If you’ve ever listened to Julia White, General Manager of Office at Microsoft, speak about Office 365, then you know two things. Microsoft updates Office a lot. As in over 400 improvements in one year, a lot. Secondly, Microsoft has decreased the amount of time it takes to roll out a customer-requested update. This has […]

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Success Story: Arraya & Microsoft Save Client from DirSync Disaster

Arraya Insights| September 25, 2015

Office 365 and Active Directory are made for each other. Through Directory Synchronization (DirSync or Azure AD Connect), Active Directory can be extended out into the cloud, allowing for easier management of identities across platforms. Customer impressions differ from reality though. Even with a good partner message, some customers forget about the benefits and begin […]

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Protecting Your Mobile Environment: 5 Must-Follow Steps

Arraya Insights| September 24, 2015

Mobility solutions are becoming more established in all industries, including healthcare. In order to give employees the flexibility they desire, IT is being asked to let go of control over how employees connect to organizational networks, from where they’re able to connect, and the devices they use to do so. The productivity gains which can […]

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Policy-based Networking Made Easy with Cisco’s ISE

Arraya Insights| September 22, 2015

Most things in business are governed by policies. There are detailed sets of rules surrounding everything from PTO usage to intra-office relationships and beyond. Historically, one area that has been tougher to lock down with policies has been the corporate network. Often this stems from poor visibility into the network itself, a misalignment of IT […]

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Introducing a Hybrid, Scalable Approach to Network Security

Arraya Insights| September 18, 2015

It’s true whether you’re building a house or securing IT: a tool is only as effective as the person or people behind it. Admittedly we don’t have a ton of expertise in construction. However, IT security tools are another story. The topic of security has been on our minds quite a bit. So much so […]

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