Cisco Enterprise Executive Connection - Update 3: The Intelligent WAN

Arraya Insights| February 13, 2015

Most companies have spent a lot of time and money trying to provide adequate application performance to their branch offices.  This usually has involved buying larger MPLS circuits, installing dedicated optimization appliances, and deploying virtual desktops.  With Cisco’s new IWAN offering, organizations can now gain control over their spiraling branch office infrastructure investments.  Using a […]

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Cisco Enterprise Executive Connection – Update 2: A Better Way to Buy Cisco Software

Arraya Insights| February 12, 2015

While most people don’t think of Cisco as a software company, they are the 5th largest software company in the world.  Why then has it always been so complex to purchase and consume Cisco software?  Cisco has heard our frustration and has just announced Cisco ONE Software.  Cisco ONE helps make buying, managing, and upgrading […]

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Cisco Enterprise Executive Connection - Update 1: Multigigabit Wireless and the Campus LAN

Arraya Insights|

While most companies are still considering moving to Gigabit Wireless (802.11ac Wave 1), multigigabit wireless is just around the corner.  802.11ac Wave 2 promises speeds up to 6.8 Gbps.  This speed is necessary to support the applications and user density that enterprises need today.  There’s just one problem with it: the switches and cables most […]

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Examining the True Scope of the Sony Hack

Arraya Insights| February 11, 2015

The fallout from last year’s Sony Pictures hack is starting to take shape and so far the cost hasn’t been all that bad. Well, at least financially-speaking, anyway. Sony revealed it has budgeted a mere $15 million to cover “investigation and remediation costs” stemming from the breach. First things first, we should probably point out […]

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Arraya Briefing Center Offers a Unique Learning Experience

Arraya Insights| February 10, 2015

At Arraya, we pride ourselves on the level of personalized service and attention we provide our customers. After all, we recognize the fact that your IT challenges are unique to your company – so a cookie-cutter approach likely won’t get the job done. At the root of every effective and lasting solution is a combination […]

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Unprecedented Healthcare Data Breach Puts 80M at Risk

Arraya Insights| February 9, 2015

Even though many of us are still struggling with remembering to write 2015 and not 2014, we may already have a winner for the biggest hack of the New Year. That unfortunate distinction falls on the Indianapolis, IN-based Anthem, Inc. Anthem, the nation’s second-biggest health insurer, has announced a data breach which could affect a truly staggering […]

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What Your Consultant Really Wants You to Know

Arraya Insights| February 5, 2015

Pssst! We’re going to let you in on a little secret. At Arraya, our top goal isn’t to sell you any thing. We know what you’re thinking: “Right, I’ve heard that one before. Now tell me more about that swampland in Florida.” But hear us out.    See, we’re not in the business of selling […]

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IT Budgets Getting Tighter in 2015: How to Manage

Arraya Insights| February 3, 2015

Hey, good news! More than half of IT leaders (58%) believe their company’s revenue is going to increase in 2015 from where it was last year. Naturally that means technology budgets will follow suit and IT will finally have a little breathing room to make some much-needed upgrades, right? Let’s hold on a minute before […]

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Arraya FAQ: 3 Questions You May Have Been Afraid to Ask

Arraya Insights| January 27, 2015

Since you’re on this site and reading this blog, then the likelihood is that you’ve heard a thing or two about Arraya Solutions. You’re probably at least a little familiar with the IT services and solutions we provide to our customers, the awards and recognition we’ve won, and the industry leaders we’re proud to call […]

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Is Cloud-Based Recovery Right for You? 4 Ways to Tell

Arraya Insights| January 26, 2015

It looks like 2015 is going to be the year of the cloud! Just like 2014. And 2013 before that. And so on. Actually, we’ve had a lot of years of the cloud lately, so much so that the term “the cloud” is starting to become one of those buzzwords IT leaders make New Year’s […]

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