Arraya Solutions' Open House Recap - October 16, 2014

Arraya Insights| October 20, 2014

Last week, Arraya Solutions hosted IT leaders from around the region at its fourth annual Open House and Technology Day. In addition to the usual networking opportunities with peers and industry-leading vendors, this year’s event held extra significance as it also celebrated Arraya’s milestone 15th corporate anniversary. The event was held on Thursday, October 16, […]

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Why Flash, Why Now? 5 Factors to Consider

Arraya Insights| October 16, 2014

For a long time one of the biggest barriers keeping many organizations from embracing flash-based solid-state drive storage (SSD) technology was dollars and cents. Companies couldn’t justify the expense of ditching entrenched, digital storage platforms – such as hard disk drives (HDDs) – in favor of speedier alternative like flash.    But then a few things […]

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Shell-Shocked? Hackers Set Their Sights on Yahoo

Arraya Insights| October 10, 2014

Once word gets out about a potentially massive – and lucrative – vulnerability, you can bet it won’t be long before the sharks start circling. Yahoo got firsthand evidence of this fact during a recent run-in with a band of Romanian hackers. Several of the search and content giant’s servers were discovered by a security […]

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Hospital Says EHR Fault Partly to Blame for Texas Ebola Scare

Arraya Insights| October 9, 2014

Electronic health records (EHRs) are supposed to improve communication, but a flaw in one hospital’s system may be partially to blame for the Ebola scare that’s been dominating headlines recently and which has up to 100 people being monitored in Texas. Thomas Eric Duncan, the man identified as the first person to be diagnosed with […]

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A Look Back: Celebrating 15 Years of Arraya Solutions

Arraya Insights| October 8, 2014

Fifteen years ago, there was no such thing as an iPhone (or even an iPod, for that matter), Y2K was giving IT pros everywhere ulcers, and in the Philadelphia area, two former co-workers ventured out together to start their own business. Arraya Solutions’ co-founders Daniel Lifshutz and David Bakker met while they were both employed […]

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Employee Negligence Cited as Leading Cause of Company Data Breaches

Arraya Insights| October 2, 2014

Here’s something no IT pro wants to hear: Despite efforts to ramp up digital security, corporate data breaches are becoming even more common. Nearly one in two companies (43%) fell victim to a data breach last year, notes a report by the Ponemon Institute, an organization which specializes in research on privacy, data protection and […]

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Bigger than Heartbleed? Shellshock Bug Puts UNIX Systems at Risk

Arraya Insights| September 30, 2014

Is it time for Heartbleed to step aside? There’s a new bug in town and it’s monopolized the tech world’s focus as of late. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Shellshock has been making headlines, some of which have touted it as being bigger and badder than the Heartbleed flaw that came […]

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Tech 'Pioneers' are Gaining a Competitve Advantage Over 'Cautious' Competitors

Arraya Insights| September 26, 2014

When it comes to adopting new technologies, does fortune really favor bold organizations or are those that prefer a slower and steadier approach to upgrading really winning the race? Being out on the forefront of technology seems to have the edge, according to a recent survey by the Harvard Business Review. As part of the […]

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Feds Ease Up on Meaningful Use 2: How Healthcare Pros Can Take Advantage

Arraya Insights| September 22, 2014

The Feds have some good news for healthcare providers who are struggling to meet the requirements for Stage 2 meaningful use. But as is often the case, that good news also came with a dose of bad news. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued a final ruling in the hope of […]

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Cisco UCS New Product Announcements

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In only five short years, Cisco has grown their blade server market share in North America from non-existent to first place.  This meteoric growth was fueled by an innovative architecture and simplified management.  Cisco is continuing to evolve its UCS platform to respond to the changing IT landscape.  Recently they announced enhancements and additions to […]

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