Sales on the Sidelines: One Day When I Don't Mind

Craig Hissong| July 9, 2018

Let me tell you something about salespeople: When it comes to customer relationships, we love to be on the frontlines. Maybe that’s not a huge secret, but it’s true. It’s not that we always want to  do the talking – after all, listening is one of the most valuable things we can do. However, we […]

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How Superheroes Help Us Stand Out in the Crowded IT Field

Craig Hissong| May 11, 2018

Recently, I participated in a leadership session where we reviewed Arraya’s Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Unique Value Proposition (UVP). It’s good to reflect on these occasionally and make sure we are living and working by those statements. While I found the conversations worthwhile, the conversation about UVP in particular struck a chord with me. […]

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Setting Aside My Sales Tools in Favor of Something with More Kick

Craig Hissong| February 14, 2018

I’ve spent almost my entire professional career in Sales. The tools of my trade have evolved over that time, and these days, they include smart phones, laptops, and all sorts of high-powered devices that fit comfortably in a pocket or briefcase. Last month, a group of my Arraya co-workers and I were given the opportunity […]

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On the Field or in the Office, Success Comes Down to Teamwork

Craig Hissong| December 7, 2017

While we were in Ohio earlier this year, my colleague Ryan Benner (Arraya’s Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure) and I found time to take in a football game between our alma maters – Penn State and Ohio State. It was a great, back and forth matchup in which my team, the squad from THE Ohio State […]

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A Too-Often Overlooked Part of Business Success

Craig Hissong| October 3, 2017

The Arraya team was out in force for Microsoft Ignite last month and, even though I couldn’t make the trip, I did follow along with the blogs and news they sent back. As I read, I started thinking back on my own conference experiences and, while blogs can bring the energy (if the author conveys […]

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One Question You Need Your Technology Partner to Ask

Craig Hissong| August 21, 2017

I may be new to the Arraya team, but I’m not new to Arraya. I’ve spent more than two decades in technology and in that time, I’ve often found myself either working with or competing against Arraya, depending on my position. Over the years, I got to know many members of the Arraya team very […]

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