6 Reasons Windows Server 2016 Has Hyper-V Fans Excited

Arraya Insights| September 8, 2016

Microsoft’s Ignite conference is fast approaching and with it comes the release of the company’s latest server OS, Windows Server 2016. Between the new security features and the cloud-readiness, there are plenty of reasons for folks in IT to be excited about the impending release. Hyper-V admins in particular have a lot to look forward […]

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Recapping VMworld Day 2

Arraya Insights| August 31, 2016

  The second day of VMworld 2016 has come and gone. However, we have some business to take care of before we can officially say goodbye to day two of VMware’s conference. So let’s check in with a member of our virtualization team (who will be onsite all week) and get his thoughts on some […]

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Recapping Day 1 of VMworld

Arraya Insights|

  Thousands of attendees from around the world converged on Las Vegas yesterday to kick off VMworld 2016. Taking center stage during the company’s annual four-day conference will be its latest virtualization and cloud innovations. Unable to make it to this year’s event? Arraya has you covered. A member of our virtualization practice will be […]

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Digital Transformation and Azure

Arraya Insights| August 30, 2016

Last month was Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference. In case you missed Erin Steinmetz’s newbie post, it was a great time and focused on more than just the latest technology. Under all the altruism and camaraderie, there was another message underpinning the conference and Microsoft believes it has the power to transform your business. Digital Transformation […]

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Microsoft Ends ‘Pick-a-Patch’: What Should You Do Now?

Arraya Insights| August 25, 2016

Big changes are coming to the patching process for Windows 7 and 8.1 this fall. Microsoft recently announced that, starting in October 2016, admins will no longer be able to pick and choose which patches they want to apply. Instead, patching will be conducted using a cumulative, Windows 10-inspired approach. The list of pros far […]

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Top 5 Risks Featured in Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report

Arraya Insights| August 24, 2016

A couple of dangerous truths are spotlighted in the Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report. The first is that many businesses are making cybercriminals’ jobs easy by sticking with   aging, sometimes poorly-maintained infrastructure. That leads to the second truth, which is cybercriminals don’t need the help. Their methods are paying off at record rates already […]

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Surviving Implementation: 3 Ways to Keep Your Project on Track

Arraya Insights| August 22, 2016

Remember that fictitious business project we started a few weeks ago? Happily, it’s going through the project management phases with ease. So far, our Project Manager (PM) has helped us complete the Initiation phase, where the groundwork for success was set by establishing stakeholders, lines of communication, and more. Next, we stormed through the Plan […]

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Azure AD Connect Update Saves Time, Errors During Account Maintenance

Arraya Insights| August 18, 2016

A move to Microsoft’s Office 365 is supposed to make IT’s workload easier to manage – and that’s usually exactly what it does. However, there was one inefficiency the cloud solution was previously unable to correct. As soon as Microsoft released a pair of new features in Azure AD Connect that seemed to address this, […]

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Why You Need to Schedule a vSphere Health Check Today

Arraya Insights| August 16, 2016

Static, stationary, inactive – it’s doubtful any of these terms describe your organization’s vSphere deployment. In actuality, hosts and virtual machines are always on the move, with some changes occurring as often as daily. The ripple effects of these movements can be felt across IT environments and organizations as a whole and can make it […]

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Cybersecurity's Little Things Make a Big Difference

Dan Lifshutz| August 11, 2016

Modern cybersecurity is often referred to as an arms race. In one corner are the organizations seeking to keep their data safe in their data center or in the cloud. In the other are the cybercriminals and hackers who look at that data and see dollar signs. Just like with any race, this one can’t […]

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