Looming Blackberry End of Support Has Office 365 Implications

Arraya Insights| June 29, 2016

Back in the early 2000s, I had just been promoted to my first Enterprise level job. The position was managing email for a national energy company, part of which included energy trading. Business was booming and the traders pushed the technology envelope at the company. We were one of the first companies to adopt RIM’s […]

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Every Successful Project Starts with These 3 Steps

Arraya Insights| June 28, 2016

When a new project waits on the horizon, a “Let’s get moving” mindset can take over. Some participants may be eager to start reaping the benefits it promises, others may be eager to get it finished and off their plates. Whatever the motivation, moving too quickly from the decision to pursue a project to starting […]

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Microsoft Collaboration Spotlight: OneDrive for Business’ Missing Feature

Arraya Insights| June 23, 2016

Few things make us happier than when all of our devices play nicely together, creating the seamless work environment we all crave. The opposite of that is also true. Just imagine realizing a critical document is inaccessible and the frustration that goes with that revelation. The Problem Say you need to access a file, but it hasn’t been synced to […]

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Who’s Watching Over Your Business Projects?

Arraya Insights| June 22, 2016

To leverage a Project Manager or not leverage a Project Manager. It doesn’t have quite the same ring as “to be or not to be,” but it’s a decision businesses struggle with often. Some elect to go without, assigning the task to a project’s lead engineer or tacking those duties onto another employee’s workload. These […]

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Microsoft Collaboration Spotlight: Effortless File-Sharing Through Office 365

Arraya Insights| June 21, 2016

Standing at the forefront of Microsoft’s push to make collaboration easier and more powerful are OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. These Office 365 features can work in tandem to create an intuitive, seamless file-sharing experience for end users. In order to demonstrate the benefits of this relationship, we called upon the expertise of our […]

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Fixing the Sleep of Death on Microsoft's Surface Book

Arraya Insights| June 16, 2016

Last year, I can remember attending the pre-opening of the Microsoft Store in King of Prussia. They had the new Surface Books there and in stock. After trying the Surface Pen and seeing the improvements over my Surface Pro 3, I was sold. The device has been rock solid. I detach the top and carry […]

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Recapping Arraya’s 2016 Tech Summit

Arraya Insights| June 14, 2016

For the second straight year, IT professionals from across the Mid-Atlantic region converged in King of Prussia, PA for the Arraya Solutions Tech Summit. This daylong event was modeled on the format of last year’s debut Tech Summit, but like any good sequel, it upped the ante in terms of scale. This year’s event packed […]

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What You Can Expect From an Office 365 Test Drive

Arraya Insights| June 7, 2016

While Arraya’s Office 365 Test Drive could be coming to a town near you this summer, several members of our team experienced it in its native habitat recently. The goals was for attendees to gain knowledge and experience that could help them better serve customers looking to deploy Office 365. The day also served as […]

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Hospital Pays, Ransomware Attackers Want More: A Better Tactic

Arraya Insights| June 2, 2016

Even as examples of backup and disaster recovery mistakes pile up, organizations still don’t seem to be doing all they can to protect themselves. Consider the case of Kansas Heart Hospital in Wichita, KS. The hospital recently fell victim to a ransomware attack and, in order to regain access to their files, the hospital agreed to […]

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Tech Summit Preview: 4 Things You’ll Learn About Office 365 E5

Arraya Insights| May 31, 2016

Office 365 E5 is more than just the latest SKU released by Microsoft. Since its debut back in December of last year, the new top-tier Office 365 plan has brought with it significant changes, both for Microsoft and for the businesses who’ve embraced it. In addition to marking Microsoft’s first foray into enterprise voice, E5 […]

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