Arraya and Office 365 Hit the Open Road this Summer

Arraya Insights| May 26, 2016

Arraya will hit the road this Summer, bringing an immersive Office 365 experience to businesses across Pennsylvania and South Jersey. This trip, which we’ve dubbed our Office 365 Test Drive Roadshow, kicks off on June 14th in Cherry Hill, NJ and will run throughout the month of June. At each stop on the tour, we’ll give attendees […]

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What EMC’s DP Search and Superheroes Have in Common

Arraya Insights| May 25, 2016

Today’s businesses back up a dizzying amount of data. Sifting through that amassed information to find and restore a specific file accidentally deleted by an end user is no small undertaking. However, limitations such as an inability to search cross-server or cross-platform only further complicate the process for those tasked with managing backups. What would […]

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VMware's NSX News: Explore the New Use Cases & Features

Arraya Insights| May 23, 2016

Businesses building towards the software-defined data center (SDDC) take note: VMware has rolled out a new tiered-licensing model for NSX, its network virtualization platform. The idea behind  this change is increased flexibility. By offering three tiers, each building off the last, VMware has allowed customers to invest in the NSX version that makes the most […]

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How to Make Your Company Less Appealing to Hackers

Arraya Insights| May 19, 2016

Throw a few speed bumps in their paths and many cyber criminals will give up and look for easier targets. That was one of the takeaways from a blog post we did back in March on cyber-attacks from the attackers perspective. More recently, this sentiment was echoed in Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). […]

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The Intersection of Digitization and Security

Dan Lifshutz| May 18, 2016

One word that’s come up a great deal lately in conversations with customers is digitization. In an effort to provide end users with on-demand access to data or services, businesses have turned to digitization. While speed and availability are certainly important criteria in today’s business world, there’s another element that carries a steep price if overlooked: […]

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4 Reasons You Should Attend the 2016 Arraya Tech Summit

Arraya Insights| May 17, 2016

Technical conferences are great, but typically the bane of an IT manager’s existence. For engineers, a technical conference is a great opportunity to learn about the latest technologies that can help both your own career and your business. In reality though, IT continues to deal with smaller budgets and compressed timelines. Costs are top of IT managers minds […]

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Responding to Malware Threats: 3 All-Too-Common Missteps

Arraya Insights| May 13, 2016

With all of the bad news about malware out there, how about a “glass half full perspective?” According to one study, malware infections aren’t necessarily becoming more common. The key word there is necessarily, as IT leaders are on the fence about the issue. Still, it could be worse. For a look at how it […]

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How Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 is Already Breaking Records

Arraya Insights| May 12, 2016

The news is out: SQL Server 2016, the latest generation of Microsoft’s database management family of products, will be available on June 1, 2016. Even though it’s not generally available yet, SQL Server already has compiled an impressive résumé. In addition to an array of new features and capabilities, SQL Server 2016 also has a […]

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3 Tools You Need to Securely Mobilize Your Workforce

Arraya Insights| May 11, 2016

How does this sound: employees working seamlessly across location and device, delivering comparable results from the grocery checkout line as they would from their cubes? For many of today’s employees, that kind of flexibility isn’t seen as a perk or an added bonus, it’s an expectation. Meanwhile, IT is on the hook for figuring out […]

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What You Need to Know From EMC World 2016: Day 3

Arraya Insights| May 5, 2016

The overarching theme of EMC World 2016 has been modernize. Day 1 was all about modernizing the industry, while day 2 focused on modernizing your data center. The theme of Day 3?  Modernize your business. In addition to the product announcements and insights, the day featured an address from producer John Landeau (Avatar and Titanic) […]

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