What makes you proud to work for Arraya?

When you work in a small team, everything you do has a big impact on clients and the company. I like being part of a team that is tight-knit and super friendly.

What’s one skill that you’ve improved in the last year? How did you do it?

I recently stepped up into a more senior role in my team. Due to this, I’ve had to break out of my shell of being ‘shy’ or ‘not very talkative’. This has helped me in multiple areas, like conducting meetings or joining in on client engagements.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Don’t get caught up on the little things, the big picture is what’s most important.

What’s a part of your job that you particularly enjoy?

I enjoy being able to help, whether I’m helping a client or another team member. I always try to have the answers and help in any way I can.

What’s one moment of success you experienced this week?

  1. I remembered to eat lunch.
  2. I was able to set time aside to help a client correct an important facet of their vulnerability management program.

Outside of work, what activity makes you lose track of time?

There are so many to list. I enjoy chess, sim racing, and golf. Especially golf. Did I mention golf? I also enjoy taking a ride out on the pontoon boat, which really makes you lose track of time.

Kurt M.
Kurt M.