Achieve both compliance and performance goals

Financial services providers will be hard-pressed to lose their spot near the top of cybercriminals’ hit lists. The nature of the business makes them too attractive of a target. What firms can do is ensure when cybercriminals do identify them as a target – they’re met with a hardened, reliable security solution that sends them in search of easier prey.

Aside from that unwanted attention, financial services providers must tangle with increasingly stiff regulations and growing customer expectations. Checking off those boxes calls for a partner who understands the needs of financial services providers and who knows how to help.

A Partnership Focused on Your Success

Arraya Solutions understands the unique needs of today’s financial institutions and has spent years helping them achieve their IT goals. Our team uses proven methodologies to plan, design, implement and optimize an array of enterprise solutions, technologies and strategies.

This includes:

  • Architecting the dynamic cybersecurity solutions needed to prevent fraud and secure high-risk documents, keeping firms from landing in the headlines for the wrong reasons.
  • Guiding institutions through the complex world of joining separate IT environments together as one during a merger or acquisition scenario.
  • Designing modern data centers that allow providers to retain vital documents, tax records, etc. without increasing expense, management complexity, or footprint.
  • Enabling a more comprehensive yet cost-effective approach to IT by supplementing onsite teams with the knowledge and skill sets of our Managed Services team.

Financial Institution Readied for a Secure and Efficient Transition to Windows 10

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