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Increase collaboration among citizens and students

There is little doubt about the profound impact technology can have in fields like government and higher education. Whether it’s leaders and constituents or professors and students, technology can bridge communication divides, help ensure regulatory restrictions are met, and even keep people safer.

The data entrusted to new technology must be secure, solutions must be available when they are needed most, and all of this must be accomplished within a tight budget. In each case, success rides on having a partner with experience, who knows the regulatory nuances and technological challenges each vertical faces – and who knows how to help.

Advanced Technology for Advanced Services

Arraya Solutions has a long history of helping those in the government and higher education spaces transform their IT environments. Our team uses proven methodologies to plan, design, implement and optimize an array of enterprise solutions, technologies and strategies.

This includes:

  • Providing data center solutions to address the document retention requirements placed upon government and higher education institutions.
  • Ensuring personal files and records, whether they’re stored onsite on in the cloud, stay out of the hands of prowling cyber criminals.
  • Enabling communication and collaboration capabilities which were once seen as “nice-to-have” but are now essential to productivity and the safety of students and constituents.
  • Managing and supporting deployments throughout their lifecycle via our Managed Services team, ensuring full value is achieved from technology investments.


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