Infographic Enabling And Managing Greater Workforce Flexibility

Infographic: Enabling and Managing Greater Workforce Flexibility

Arraya Insights | April 7, 2020

Recent events have transformed remote work from a perk into a necessity. However, many industries have trended towards increasing remote work capabilities for quite a while now. As such, remote work should’t be looked at as merely a temporary fix. Instead, those organizations that have embraced it – or that are planning to do so – can expect to see long term benefits.  

Released last fall, Owl Labs’ State of Remote Work 2019 report dove into the realities and drivers of workplace flexibility. Here are a few statistics cited in this report that caught our eye:

  • More than half (54%) of those surveyed work from home at least once per month. Just shy of half (48%) do so at least once a week.
  • An overwhelming number of those surveyed (83%) said that workplace flexibility would make them happier.
  • Happiness is important, but equally high numbers of survey participants also felt the ability to work remotely would lead to greater productivity (79%) and increased company loyalty (74%).

We put together the following infographic to highlight the main points and benefits of enabling and managing greater workforce flexibility.

Managing the transition to (and fallout from) a remote work culture

Even with the right tools, supporting increasingly, or entirely, remote workforces can present a unique set of challenges for IT teams. The move to a primarily remote posture is bound to generate a mountain or more of support desk tickets, especially during the early stages. Needy users – who may have once been only a short walk away – are suddenly separated by a computer screen and an internet connection, complicating issue resolution and potentially driving up frustrations on both sides.  

In these cases, it can help to bring in a Managed Services partner who is already intimately familiar with the world of remote support. By serving as a scalable extension of an organization’s Service Desk, a partner can keep the volume of work in front of in-house IT teams at more manageable levels. Additionally, this provider should also be able to help maintain the technologies upon which more modern work-from-home strategies are built.

Next Steps: Bring greater flexibility to your workforce

The health and well being of employees and all of our surrounding communities should take priority as this situation unfolds. If your organization needs a hand adapting to a less centralized work style, reach out to Arraya today. Our team can provide more info on the above solutions and services, as well as others, allowing for greater flexibility. Head to https://www.arrayasolutions.com/contact-us/ to start a conversation with our team now.