New Releases From Cisco Ease Wide Area Network Complications

New Releases From Cisco Ease Wide Area Network Complications

Arraya Insights | December 12, 2014

Rising user expectations. Concern over how applications perform. Rapidly advancing and changing security threats. The desire to balance operational simplicity with cost optimization. Sound familiar? They’re just a few of the headaches companies face with their branch office and wide area networks.  

As organizations have expanded to cover more territory, these networks have become an absolutely critical part of keeping a company’s employees united and in the loop – even if they’re rarely if ever in the same place. It’s up to IT to ensure the networks are running up to the top of their capabilities and that they’re doing so securely and efficiently.

How to handle it

Cisco, the global networking specialist, has a few new products which can help to alleviate these problems and keep your company’s network in tip top shape. Cisco’s ISR 4000 family of appliances coupled with its Intelligent Wide Area Networking (IWAN) technology bring a multi-tiered approach which can help support today’s demanding business critical applications while maintaining customer performance expectations. 

IWAN features:  

  • Transport-agnostic network overlays, i.e., Internet, MPLS
  • Intelligent path control based on application specific metrics such as NBARv2, QoS, and performance based routing
  • Application acceleration from intelligent caching and protocol optimization through WAAS, Akamai cloud connect
  • Highly secure connectivity thanks to the certified strong encryption, comprehensive threat defense and scalable direct Internet access that’s built in

Meanwhile, Cisco’s 4000 ISR family of appliances is a cutting-edge converged branch platform featuring leading network, compute, and WAN services. The routers are able to take existing cloud architecture and extend the reach of the cloud across multiple locations.

The 4000 ISR routers can also:

  • Leverage separate dedicated control, data, and services CPUs. This allows for guaranteed performance and can level out user expectations. It also makes it possible to combine multiple services (VPN, IPS, WAAS) without any performance loss
  • Converged Branch with UCS E-series. This lets for the collapse of physical branch computing resources into ISR appliance. It also integrates compute with up to 8 cores today with integrated storage

These features add up to a high-quality user experience with faster responses to the needs of both the business itself and end-users. Integrated Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1, T3/E3, PRI, xDSL, and others are all supported by ISR 4000, making for a variety of potential connectivity options.

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