Overview Vmware Cloud On Aws Is It Worth The Hype

Overview: VMware Cloud on AWS – Is It Worth The Hype?

Arraya Insights | November 28, 2018

VMware became the talk of the cloud world this summer with the announcement of completely overhauled pricing and configuration schemes for its VMware Cloud on AWS platform. In case youVMware cloud on AWS overview missed it, in the waning days of August, the tech leader kicked off VMworld by slashing the price of VMware Cloud on AWS in half. If that wasn’t enough, VMware also dropped the minimum commitment needed to roll out its cloud offering from four host clusters down to three. Together these moves have substantially lowered a barrier to entry that, for many, proved too high previously.

However, industry buzz and greater accessibility only go so far. Organizations still must determine if VMware Cloud on AWS as a pathway to the cloud makes sense for them. With the help of our Data Center team, we decided to put VMware Cloud on AWS to the test. Over multiple posts, we’re going to explore the features and capabilities that define VMware Cloud on AWS. Here’s an overview of the areas we plan to investigate:

  • Disaster Recovery. No business can afford to be without a rock solid disaster recovery plan and the cloud has proven to be a cost and labor-saving alternative to traditional approaches. Our Data Center team will look at how VMware Cloud on AWS fits in with modern approaches to disaster recovery and what sets it apart from other cloud-based options.
  • Hybrid Cloud Migrations. Cloud migrations don’t have to be painful. In this post, we’ll cover what it takes to move workloads off site and into the cloud. In addition, our Data Center team will try to answer the question of whether or not VMware Cloud on AWS can simplify hybrid cloud migrations.
  • Network Security. Among some organizations, the idea of moving to the cloud is tantamount to sacrificing security. However, that impression isn’t necessarily accurate. In this post, our team will explore the cyber security features built-in to VMware Cloud on AWS as well as the use cases in which moving data off site can actually make it more secure.
  • Native Tools. Organizations that leverage VMware Cloud on AWS aren’t just getting a secure place to leave their data in the cloud. They’re also gaining access to the full suite of AWS productivity tools. This post will break down the AWS native tools accessible through VMware Cloud on AWS and how these solutions can lead to higher buy-in and lower training costs.

Go beyond the overview: Learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS

Over the next several weeks, the members of our Data Center team will analyze each of the above topics in greater detail. Their mission? Determine whether VMware Cloud on AWS is really worth all of the post-VMworld hype. We’ll post all of their findings right here on this blog, so be sure to stay tuned.

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