Putting To Bed 7 Common Questions About Webex Assistant

Putting to Bed 7 Common Questions About Webex Assistant

Arraya Insights | May 3, 2019

From a technological perspective, going from not using Webex Assistant – Cisco’s new AI-powered digital assistant – to using it is as easy as checking a box. In terms of user experience, however,Webex Assistant questions the transition may not be quite so easy. Even users who leverage similar voice-activated functionality in their personal lives may still have a few lingering questions regarding Webex Assistant and how it fits into their workdays.

The bottom line: Switching on Webex Assistant may not be a tremendous undertaking, but don’t let that diminish its potential impact. It could very well make meetings and collaboration less frustrating while also boosting efficiency organization-wide. It’s just matter of making sure all users know how to use it and are comfortable doing so.

Here are seven questions end users may have about Webex Assistant as well as how to answer them, turning hesitation into enthusiasm.

Question #1: “How do I get started?”

Answer: Getting started with Webex Assistant is as easy as walking into a conference room and saying either “OK Webex” or “Hey Webex!” followed by one of more than a dozen command prompts.

Question#2: “OK, but where do I go from there?”

Answer: The best way to get going with Webex Assistant is by simply saying: “OK Webex, what can you do?” This will prompt a full list of Webex Assistant’s capabilities and the associated voice commands to appear on screen. Among the features that will appear are “Start my meeting,” “End the meeting,” “Mute my microphone,” and “Call” followed by the name of a business contact.

Question #3: “Is there any chance Webex connects me to the wrong person?”

Answer: Most companies have more than one Doug. Webex Assistant works to ping the right Doug by way of some impressive built-in AI. This technology helps it learn the habits of users. It learns a user’s most likely contacts and populates the screen with them. Then, the user can select the correct Doug and Webex will place the call. Webex Assistant also leans heavily on the Webex app to inform its AI, using it to gain insights into who is in the room and interacting with the tool.

Question #4: “Can Webex Assistant help me control a meeting device?”

Answer: It can! Instead of fumbling around in settings menus, Webex can adjust volume or start and stop recording. It can enable and disable self-view, speaker tracking, do not disturb and more. This allows meeting hosts to better the experience for themselves and attendees in seconds.

Question #5: “Speaking of devices, what can I use Webex Assistant with?”

Answer: Webex Assistant is currently available on the Room Kit, as well as the Mini, Plus, Pro, 55, 55 Dual, 70 and 70 G2 versions of that solution.

Question #6: “I feel like I’m repeating myself – what can I do to make sure Webex and I are on the same page?”

Answer: There’s no hidden secret to building a strong rapport with Webex. Its best practices closely align with those of any voice-controlled solution. Speak slowly and deliberately. Limit the number of speakers to one at a time. Finally, be sure to minimize the amount of noise generated by other devices, HVAC systems, etc.

Question #7: “What if Webex can’t do what I need it to do?”

Answer: Webex Assistant hasn’t yet reached its final form. Use the command “OK Webex, send feedback” to submit questions or suggestions on how future iterations of the utility can be more helpful.

Next Steps: Answering those persistent Webex Assistant questions

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