Cloud Based Backup

Give Your Backups the White-Glove Treatment

Next to your people, data is your company’s most valuable asset. As an IT service provider, your team is responsible for the systems, application files and databases that support your business. Unfortunately, the legacy backup solutions you use today to protect them simply do not provide the level of security or scalability needed to meet the industry’s growing compliance standards. Your company’s evolving continuity strategy demands that you re-examine how you plan to keep your data safe in the event of disruption. With so many cloud-centric options out there, however, how do you know you’re choosing the right one? The answer lies in choosing a partner who understands your situation and knows how to help.

Keep Your Infrastructure Safe and Secure

Arraya Solutions has spent considerable time developing an enterprise-class, cloud-based backup solution designed specifically to meet the needs of organizations both large and small. The secret is in our approach, which incorporates best of breed technology with a flexible consumption model that ensures backups and restores are fast, efficient and cost-effective. Our value is in providing resources who understand this technology and can work with existing system, application and database owners to manage activity.

Enterprise-Class Protection

Many backup service providers are hesitant to pull back the covers on their cloud platforms for fear that their consumer-level technology will be exposed for its lack of scalability. At Arraya, we have no such concerns. We stand behind our backup platform, which we call Protect, and proudly tout its security, flexibility and performance benefits. These include: 256bit AES encryption; a library of supported OSes and applications; reductions in bandwidth usage and backup times that dwarf those of our competitors.

Cloud-Based Backup Data Sheet

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A Platform We Stand Behind

Arraya Solutions chose a platform we would not hesitate to recommend that Customers deploy in their own data centers. In fact, we offer hybrid solutions that deliver centralized recovery and improved restore times along with offsite data protection. In either case, we see Protect as a foundational pillar of a progressive business continuity strategy.

Arraya Solutions Named to CRN’s Manage Service Provider 500 List

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Pay Only for What You Use

Some competitors charge very low rates for backups to mask charges for restores, deletions or long-term retention. The true cost of backup, including indirect costs for maintenance and management, remains hidden. At Arraya, we believe a backup solution should be both flexible and transparent, with pricing that reflects a direct 1-to-1 correlation to consumption.

And Never Pay for Restores

With Protect, Customers pay a single monthly cost for protected usage that includes all required licensing, maintenance, administration, retention and unlimited restoration of systems, file and application data. This type of transparency is perfect for supporting the needs of business units who might otherwise look to procure shadow services outside the scope of IT.

Hands-Free Administration

All backup solutions require some level of overhead to manage and maintain. The question you have to ask yourself is who is responsible for ensuring those backups and restores are actually taking place? Some service providers charge separate fees for troubleshooting; others simply leave the Customer to fend for themselves.

Here When You Need Us – 24/7

At Arraya, we believe our role as a Backup service provider extends beyond providing a location for backups. Our team of experts has years of experience managing backups and is focused on building relationships with IT service owners to ensure systems, applications and databases are backed up properly. When restore assistance is required, Arraya’s Managed Services team is available 24 x 7 to tackle issues, problems and manage changes.