Enterprise Monitoring And Support

Building Strong Partnerships

One Problem at a Time

The best defense is a good offense. Rather than waiting for problems to arise, organizations focused on minimizing business disruption need to invest in solutions that monitor the uptime and utilization of the systems, devices and applications under their charge. They also need to broker relationships with reliable 3rd parties to escalate problems that go beyond the expertise or availability of their existing IT staff. With countless monitoring packages on the market and nearly as many service providers ready to take your calls, how do you choose the right ones? The answer lies in choosing a partner who understands your situation and knows how to help.

Alerts You Can Trust

A monitoring solution is only as good as the time invested into it. Without proper tuning and maintenance, the alerts generated are of limited value and eventually become white noise that can mask potential problems. To that end, Arraya has developed an enterprise-class monitoring platform that effectively sifts through the chatter and reports on issues that have a direct impact on IT service delivery.

Customizable and Secure

Using our past experiences as a guide, we continually adjust thresholds and introduce new service checks to ensure your systems, devices and applications are protected – securely and without impact to availability or performance. Our Alert platform is painless to install, easy to manage, open to customization, highly available, and maintenance-free. It is also secure, ensuring information about your systems and applications remains private.

Enterprise Monitoring and Support Data Sheet

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The Support You Need

A support service is only as good as the service level it delivers. How useful is a call-back if it happens days after an issue is first reported? When critical issues and problems threaten business disruption, customers need all hands on deck to weather the storm. Arraya’s multi-tiered support organization is specifically designed to target the right resources at the right problems.

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When You Need It

Regardless of when an alert is triggered or an incident is reported, Arraya’s team of experts is available 24 x 7 to investigate. Day or night, weekends or holidays, our service offers several levels of response that align with each Customer’s unique business requirements. This ensures you get the support you need – when you need it.

Managed Services for Help Desk Data Sheet

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Part of the Team

For a service like this to be successful, both the Customer and the Service Provider must work to develop a strong relationship that encourages collaboration. Arraya acknowledges the importance of building good rapport with your existing, on-premises IT staff, and we are committed to removing obstacles that would keep our team of experts from providing assistance.

Working Together Towards One Goal

Our goal is to make our expertise and experience available to your team in an effort to improve IT service delivery to your organization. The true value of Enterprise Monitoring & Support is in fostering a dialogue that introduces efficiency, standardization, optimization and automation to your IT operations.