Lifecycle Management

Transform Technology Objectives into Reality

When it comes to technology investments, the gap between expectation and reality can be vast. Maybe the solution deployed wasn’t the right one for the job from the start. Or, perhaps the initial choice was correct, but a complication arose somewhere in the solution’s lifecycle, preventing it from delivering full value. Whatever the cause, IT investments can be critical to the success of today’s organizations, meaning they can’t afford to leave money on the table for any reason. With so much on the line, you need a partner by your side who is as invested in your success as you are.

Our Approach: Developing a Roadmap for Success

Arraya’s ASCEND methodology enables customers to optimize technology solutions at every stage of the lifecycle. We work with clients to hone in on desired business outcomes, developing a strategic roadmap to accelerate success. From product selection, to implementation, to utilization and adoption – our team’s industry-leading expertise and insights ensure organizations get the right solution at the right time to meet their long-term goals.

Once those solutions are in place, we work with your teams to confirm the environment is always up-to-date and eligible for support. In addition, we provide a full complement of managed services to support, maintain, and protect business-critical services and information. Our goals are simple – build long-lasting relationships with our customers and help manage the process end-to-end so you can realize your strategic goals.

Simplifying Support Licenses and Contracts

Managing vendor licenses is a big job. Given the volume and urgency of the other workloads vying for IT’s attention, it’s also one that can easily fall to the backburner. That is until a key system goes down and a vendor’s support team is unexpectedly unavailable. Just like that, product licenses can become a top priority in a hurry.

Losing sight of the licensing lifecycle can also impact the budget. Few organizations have the financial wiggle room to keep footing the bill for licenses attached to solutions they no longer utilize or need. Yet, that’s the situation many have unknowingly landed in.

Gain Visibility and Control with a Licensing Optimization Assessment

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A Smarter, More Efficient Renewals Process

Arraya’s Lifecycle Management services shift responsibility for staying on top of technology licenses away from already-overburdened IT resources and onto our certified team of experts. Through this service, Arraya can:

  • audit an organization’s existing IT profile
  • promote long term operational efficiency by realigning renewal strategies
  • provide hands-on assistance throughout the licensing lifecycle
  • enable easier, smarter consumption by uncovering multi-year deal opportunities, consolidating contracts and bundling services
  • coordinate efforts between stakeholders and vendor contacts to ensure a seamless, productive experience
  • gather data surrounding renewal-centric KPIs and report findings back to internal stakeholders

Delivering Results Through Proactive Partnership

Arraya’s Customer Success Management team helps organizations realize the highest return on IT investments in the shortest time possible. Our team stands side-by-side with customers – from the initial sale and beyond – to further ensure an unwavering, unmatched level of service quality.  A partnership with Arraya’s CSM team delivers:

  • an engagement model that is tailored to a customer’s preferences and informed by their unique lifecycle needs
  • a built-in, at-no-cost service that functions as a liaison between the customer and Arraya teams
  • a multifaceted customer experience that allows for visibility around project progress by way of analytics, data interpretation, and more
  • a white glove approach that provides value to customers through listening, organizing, customizing, analyzing and following through
  • a proactive service focused on building lasting relationships that translate into real world business value