Planning Design And Enterprise Architecture

Closing the Gaps in Your IT Strategy

The operational model for business is evolving. Organizations must account for rapid and (sometimes) complex changes in technology and information that introduce new requirements and extend across business units. Decision makers must recognize the gaps that exist between the current state of their infrastructure and a proposed future state that aligns strategic goals with the corporate vision. How do you identify, target and address key areas of need when the knowledge and experience to do so exist outside your IT team? The answer lies in choosing a partner who understands your situation and knows how to help.

A Roadmap to Success

Arraya Solutions takes a holistic approach to architecting and implementing solutions to improve IT service delivery. We understand that improvement process is cyclical and starts with a thorough examination of your existing technologies, policies and processes. Our team of experts uses a wide variety of tools and techniques to discover the interdependencies that connect IT services with end-users. Our goals are to identify gaps and develop road maps that support strategy execution, increase operational efficiency, improve partner relationships and meet the changing demands of stakeholders.

Capitalizing on Disruption

We recognize that scalability, high-availability, security and recovery are common challenges across infrastructures of different sizes and complexity. Our health checks, site surveys, readiness workshops and other assessment services target those areas and provide guidance and recommendations on how to manage risk, mitigate disruption and meet regulatory requirements.

Managing Requirements

Enterprise architecture is about transforming organizations through a model of continuous improvement. Our teams focus on helping IT organizations adapt in the face of changing requirements and new ways of doing business. We work with your staff to interpret business requirements and develop standards and practices to support the successful implementation of projects and strategic initiatives.

Building Relationships

Arraya believes that an organizational culture focused on collaboration is more likely to see its strategic goals realized. Our planning and design services establish a common dialog that encourages open and honest communication between stakeholders. We work to ensure all parties are working together to achieve the same goals.