Complete Support for the Applications that Support Your Business

Arraya’s Application Services address the full lifecycle of the applications employees rely upon to do their jobs each day. With the backing of our skilled team of experts, technology professionals can realize never-before-considered efficiencies and refocus on higher value initiatives, knowing the availability, security, and efficiency of mission-critical applications will never be in doubt.

Application Development

Arraya Solutions Application Development Services free onsite IT from the time and resource-intensive application development process. Our team of experts can take charge of creating new applications or maintaining those built by third parties.

Arraya can:

  • Manage as many or as few pieces of the application development process as needed, including: DevOps, implementation, environment configuration, etc.
  • Execute a variety of testing, such as unit testing, smoke testing, and more; ensuring applications perform at or above the expected level.
  • Deliver 24/7 assistance, including application level patching, and disaster recovery support.


Arraya Solutions’ Integration Services allow time-strapped IT professionals to offload assimilation concerns onto our team of experts. We will then identify issues, minimize impacts, and provide best practice, cost-effective recommendations for improvement.

Arraya can:

  • Oversee the implementation process, covering blueprint and volume planning, platform assessments, and roadmap creation.
  • Offer continuous consultative services, backed by 24/7 help desk availability, and integration maintenance among other support options.
  • Handle the migration process, including from EDI to Cloud platforms, Hub and Spoke to SOA/ESB, Java ESB to IBM ESB, etc.


Arraya Solutions Analytics Services transform unstructured data into actionable knowledge and insights that can give your organization the edge. Our team will work with yours to select the right analytics to track, map out implementation strategies, and help you digest the findings.

Arraya can:

  • Assist with general analytics management tasks such as application integration, and strategy and roadmap creation.
  • Report and visualize data through methods that include standard reporting and executive dashboards.
  • Create enterprise data warehouses covering modeling, data marts, ETL design and development, and more.


Arraya Solutions Automation Services shed light on valuable, previously overlooked opportunities for automation in an organization’s day-to-day operations. Through this service, businesses can eliminate surplus resources and manual processes, saving time, increasing efficiency, and improving overall organizational security.

Arraya can cover:

  • Planning – Arraya will work with onsite business units to take inventory of processes and resources and assess them for potential optimization.
  • Delivery – Our team can implement automation and then validate deployments through testing and parallel business runs.
  • Operations – Arraya’s team can provide ongoing support, e.g., minor enhancements, break-fix, and usage monitoring.