Modern Solutions to Real Business Challenges

Struggling to design, deploy and manage application solutions that positively impact your top and bottom lines? You need a hand from a partner who understands your situation and who knows how to help. Arraya’s Application Services team can work with you to identify core problems as well as to create and implement solutions built on best of breed technologies from industry leading vendors.

Data Services

Today’s organizations have untold decision-making power flowing through their network. Harnessing that requires changing both the technology and the way in which organizations operate. Arraya’s team can help by:

  • creating a plan for organizing and reporting on all of your organization’s data
  • cleaning up existing data to help make it more actionable
  • finding ways to reduce human error and minimize manual data entry

Business Intelligence

Data can be a difference-maker – if the right mechanisms are in place to compile it from across the organization and tie it back to established KPIs. Arraya can help deliver that edge by:

  • transforming raw data into business-guiding visuals using Power BI, Tableau, etc.
  • providing decision makers with the right data at the right time via customized dynamic dashboards
  • creating operational forecasts and trends based on historical data


Platforms provide organizations with a cost effective, reusable framework from which to build customized solutions designed to achieve their business goals. Arraya can help create this head start by:

  • customizing workflows and building automations to save time and money
  • providing a unified user experience for both internal staff and customers
  • merging data into a single pane of glass to provide users with all the information they need, when they need it

Development Services

It’s easy to dream up an application to solve any challenge. Arraya’s team can help turn those dreams into reality by:

  • augmenting internal development talent or being a full DevOps service
  • reducing development time by updating and standardizing production frameworks
  • updating application architectures to reduce bloat and improve scalability

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The Process of Applications

Two of the biggest mistakes organizations make in regards to application development projects? Not documenting all of their project requirements and failing to communicate throughout the process. Arraya’s application development methodology eliminates both of those stumbling blocks.

Every one of our projects begins with a discovery phase to capture not only functional requirements but also non-functional requirements, business objectives and system requirements. We aim to take a 360-degree view of an environment to ensure we capture everything. Additionally, our design phase is fully collaborative. We work with our clients to draw up a solution that truly meets all of their needs. Lastly, every project has a dedicated project manager whose job is to manage collaboration, communication and adherence to project budget and timeline. The result is a project that delivers on expectations across the board.