Collaboration Communication

Anyone. Anywhere. On Any Device.

The borders of your business are expanding to accommodate a global workforce separated by time and distance. End-users must be able to collaborate with each other, regardless of where they are located or which devices they use. With different locations, software technologies, network capabilities and communication processes to account for, IT must choose supporting platforms carefully. The consolidation of applications and tools is essential if management is to remain in control. How do you confidently choose one solution over another when there are so many variables to consider? The answer lies in choosing a partner who understands your situation and knows how to help.

Driving Productivity

Arraya believes that Enterprise Collaboration is the engine that drives productivity, encourages social interaction, spurs creativity and supports innovation. Arraya’s team of experts will plan, design and implement solutions that improve communication, reduce cost and introduce speed and efficiency to your operational processes. Our goal is making your people and information more accessible and their interactions more productive. We focus on expanding the capabilities of your organization while supporting your business goals.

Utilizing the Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration Toolbox

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Breaking Down Barriers

Arraya’s Unified Communication solutions support unified messaging and real-time/near real-time communication along with multimedia, collaboration, transactional and informational services. We specialize in:

  • Voice (including IP telephony)
  • Call Control
  • Unified Messaging (Voicemail, Email, SMS & Fax)
  • Contact Center
  • Conferencing (Audio, Web & Video)
  • Data & Desktop Sharing
  • Mobile Integration & Convergence

Our solutions are easy to use, scalable, secure and highly available. We work with your team to implement a single, unified platform to simplify provisioning and management and deliver an end-user experience that is consistent across different platforms and devices.

Reducing Friction

We understand that a strong collaboration strategy supports an organization’s vision, mission and goals. Frequent and uninterrupted communication between stakeholders facilitates project planning and execution, new product development and the exploration of new markets. When employees can easily share thoughts and ideas, it increases the likelihood that strategic initiatives will succeed. Our experts are committed to developing and managing pathways that reduce friction and improve team-driven outcomes.

Accelerate Business with Office 365, Skype for Business Online deployment services and certified hardware

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Improving Behavior

Arraya acknowledges that even the best technical solution is likely to fail without support from the organization. Our strength lies in the ability to bridge the cultural gap and introduce technologies to improve social behaviors. Choosing the right solution means examining how your people work, share and interact. We take things a step further and use this information to develop strategies that support collaboration.