Collaboration Communication

Anyone. Anywhere. On Any Device.

Collaboration used to look like conference room tables and landline phones. As workspaces and technology evolved, the way we worked together changed, leading to IP telephony, complex file shares, deep email threads and the constant ping of instant messages. However, true collaboration demands more. It requires bringing teams closer together, even as trends may push them farther apart.

Does your organization need help enabling meaningful, secure collaboration across your workforce? Turn to a partner who understands your situation and knows how to help.

Bringing Workers Together – Even When They’re Not in the Same Room

Arraya’s collaboration team will work with you to better understand your organization’s unique collaboration goals, the technological or cultural obstacles that stand in their way, and the security and regulatory obligations it must meet. Our experts will ensure those targets are achieved, no matter if they lead to the cloud, on prem, or reside somewhere in between.

In particular, Arraya can help with:

  • Call control conducted on prem and/or in the cloud  
  • Unified communications covering voice, video, data and mobile applications  
  • Contact center including multi-channel, voice web and chat  
  • Conferencing solutions deployed on prem or in the cloud 
  • Endpoints for cubicles, conference rooms and everywhere else modern collaboration happens

Take Communication into the Cloud with Microsoft Teams

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