The Freedom to Choose. The Power to Control.

Technology has transformed the nature of IT service delivery.  Your end-users have come to expect flexibility when it comes to how, where and on which devices they work. This shift in work habits requires a re-examination of how identity and access are managed, desktops and applications are delivered and information is protected. Organizations without a firm grasp on how to adapt are putting themselves at risk for business disruption and data loss. The question is how do you deliver a seamless end-user experience across a variety of platforms, regardless of where the device lives? The answer lies in choosing a partner who understands your situation and knows how to help.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Arraya Solutions has developed a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges of identity, security and management. Our solutions streamline access control, harden your supporting environment, and simplify mobile device and application management. Arraya’s team has extensive experience implementing virtual desktop infrastructures and is committed to delivering a rich user experience (UX) that is highly available, easily supported and performs well. We also acknowledge the Consumerization of IT and embrace the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model as a cost-effective approach for delivering IT services. Through a unique combination of tools, policy and process, our goal is to balance employees’ desire for flexibility with the control your IT team needs to be successful.

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Streamline Consumption

Arraya understands that identity is the cornerstone for IT service consumption both on-premises and in the cloud. Our solutions provide a framework for enterprise-grade security that delivers single sign-on, self-service and multi-factor authentication. This gives your IT team the tools they need to manage, monitor and control access to resources with conditional policies and connection profiles that follow the user and their devices.

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Transform Delivery

From core infrastructure and security up through desktop virtualization, app storefronts and mobile productivity, enterprise mobility is all about the delivery and management of workspaces. With so many variables to consider, centralized administration and policy management is key. Arraya understands the value of flexibility and the importance of security in serving up virtual desktops and applications and is committed to delivering solutions that empower your IT team and meet your unique business goals. We see enterprise mobility as an opportunity to literally transform delivery of IT services to your mobile workforce.

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Improve the User Experience

A strong Enterprise Mobility strategy includes improvements to the end-user experience. Typically, this experience falls into three main categories:

Detection – how devices are recognized and registered

Connection – how users access protected resources

Engagement – how content is served up in relation to user activity and location

Regardless of your industry, there’s value in staying connected with your customers. Arraya can design and implement solutions which deliver personalized mobile experiences that can increase brand exposure, customer loyalty and satisfaction.