The Freedom to Choose. The Power to Control.

End users have begun tearing down the walls of the traditional workspace. Instead of being tethered to a desktop PC and a desk, they’ve demanded flexibility as to how, where, and on which devices they work. Far from only benefitting workforces, these changes represent great value to organizations in terms of added productivity.

Change won’t come easy. IT must reexamine how identity and access are managed, desktops and applications are delivered, and information is protected. Legacy mindsets will have to be replaced with methods that accurately reflect how today’s employees do their jobs. Organizations without a firm grasp on each of these components could be at risk for business disruption and data loss.

Need help rethinking your workspace? Try turning to a partner who understands your situation and knows how to help.

Rethink Your Workspace

Arraya Solutions has developed a comprehensive strategy to address the identity, security, and management challenges posed by modern workspaces. This approach combines tools, policy, and process to balance employees’ desire for flexibility with the control, ease of deployment, and consistency IT teams need to be successful.

Considering Microsoft 365? Arraya can help.

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Our Workspace expertise covers:

  • Strengthening Access Controls – Identity is the cornerstone for IT service consumption, on-premises and in the cloud. Arraya can provide a framework for security, including fortifying access via single sign-on, self-service and multi-factor authentication solutions.
  • Redefining Application and Desktop Delivery – Sweeping enterprise changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, can hinge on the efficient delivery and management of workspaces. Arraya’s expertise in these types of engagements as well as our Desktop-as-a-Service offering enable us to centralize and efficiently streamline these processes.
  • Delivering a Rich User Experience – Nothing can undo cyber security efforts faster than frustrated employees in search of workarounds. The foundation of Arraya’s approach to deploying and securing workspaces is offering a rich user experience that balances workforce wants against organizational needs.
  • Driving Productivity Through Collaboration – In the office or on the go, employees need to work seamlessly with their peers. Arraya understands this and offers the expertise and the technologies modern workers and businesses require in order to succeed.