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Can Cisco Cognitive Collaboration Cure Your Top Meeting Headaches?

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| April 9, 2019

Cognitive collaboration from Cisco is a new initiative designed to alleviate headaches surrounding a workday staple: meetings. Nothing brings employees from all teams and levels of an organization together quite like being annoyed by meetings. In that way, they’ve become something of a great corporate unifier. While it’s unlikely Cisco’s cognitive collaboration effort will transform […]

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3 Technology Upgrades Required to Ensure PCI DSS Compliance

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| August 16, 2018

Heads up: Does your organization accept credit card payments by phone? If so, you may fall under the purview of a new set of data privacy regulations. On June 30, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards Council officially rolled out its Data Security Standard (DSS). As part of PCI DSS compliance, organizations must phase out […]