Digital Security

Don't Forget About September’s Non-Equifax Security Disasters

Arraya Insights| October 6, 2017

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month meaning that for one whole month issues such as security hygiene, data breaches, and defense strategies should take center stage. Although, after the September the business world just had, it might be hard to notice much of a difference. Even setting aside the near history-making cyber disaster that […]

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Recap: Arraya's 4/13 Security Forum

Arraya Insights| April 18, 2017

Cyber security wasn’t just a hot topic for Arraya Solutions last Thursday, it was the only topic. The latest threats, response tactics, and more took center stage at Arraya’s first-ever Security Forum. Attendees of the half-day event, which was held at The Hub in Conshohocken, PA, were given a unique opportunity to participate in a […]

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How to Eliminate QuickTime Threats Using Microsoft SCCM

Arraya Insights| April 21, 2016

Earlier this week, TrendMicro posted a blog informing the public of two major vulnerabilities it found within Apple QuickTime software. Apple is no longer issuing security updates for QuickTime so the only way to be completely safe is to uninstall it from your machine. For organizations with hundreds or thousands of workstations, this could be […]

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6 Key Takeaways from Cisco’s 2016 Annual Security Report

Arraya Insights| February 5, 2016

Security pros face an uphill battle in today’s threat landscape according to Cisco’s 2016 Annual Security Report (ASR). However, uphill doesn’t mean impossible. These 6 takeaways from Cisco’s ASR can help guide and improve security efforts in 2016 and in the years to follow. Takeaway #1: Attackers are getting more sophisticated. Attackers have started to […]

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Less Downtime, Fewer Defects: Business Benefits of IoT in Manufacturing

Arraya Insights| November 19, 2015

How much is unplanned downtime on your production floor going to cost your company? Obviously there are plenty of different factors impacting that figure. One estimate cited by the folks at Cisco said the price tag could come to $20,000 per minute. No matter the dollar figure, the consensus will likely be that any losses […]

Increase IT Security without Slowing Down Your Employees

Arraya Insights| November 12, 2015

Are IT security policies a help or a hindrance? Ask the folks in IT, the ones tasked with keeping data secure and who know how easily lax policies can be exploited, and the answer is a massive help. Ask that same question to end users, however, and you’re liable to get the opposite response. Often, […]

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Keeping Your Data Safe in the Internet of Things

Arraya Insights| November 6, 2015

The increased device connectivity offered by Internet of Things (IoT) technology can do wonders for manufacturers. Devices which used to be isolated are gaining network access, sensors and intelligence capabilities, resulting in an abundance of valuable data and information from the production floor and elsewhere for manufacturers to analyze. This allows them to make better […]

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4 Data Protection Horror Stories – And How Azure Can Help

Arraya Insights| October 16, 2015

How about getting into the Halloween spirit with a few scary stories? Only these aren’t about vampires or zombies, they’re about a real business fear: keeping control over data. While the undead may be enough for some, seasoned IT pros know the threat of sensitive data falling in the wrong hands is where the real […]

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Study Analyzes Cyber Security Efforts: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

Arraya Insights| October 15, 2015

What better time than the middle of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, with Halloween right around the corner, to share a few security statistics bound to give IT chills? Don’t worry, we’re not just trying to scare you. We also have some ideas on how to address the challenges presented by those statistics. Recently, Spiceworks […]

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Protecting Your Mobile Environment: 5 Must-Follow Steps

Arraya Insights| September 24, 2015

Mobility solutions are becoming more established in all industries, including healthcare. In order to give employees the flexibility they desire, IT is being asked to let go of control over how employees connect to organizational networks, from where they’re able to connect, and the devices they use to do so. The productivity gains which can […]

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