Hyper Converged

HyperFlex: A Crash Course in Cisco’s Hyperconverged Solutions

Arraya Insights| February 24, 2017

If hyperconverged infrastructure has yet to make its presence felt in your data center, it may not be far off. Gartner analysts foresee that, within two years, hyperconverged infrastructure – the tightly integrated union of compute, storage, networking, and virtualization capabilities – will enter the “mainstream.” That prediction lines up with statements from Forrester concerning it […]

Cisco Partner Summit 2016: 3 Must-Know Announcements

Arraya Insights| April 6, 2016

Recently, members of the Arraya Solutions team made the cross-country trek to the Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego, CA. The week-long event featured plenty of announcements and sessions likely to pique the interest of Cisco customers and end users alike. Now that our team members have had ample time to review their notes, digest what […]

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Solving 3 of Your Top Data Center Needs with VCE's VxRail

Arraya Insights| February 23, 2016

Last week, VCE officially pulled the tarp off of VxRail, its newest hyper-converged infrastructure solution. VxRail combines industry-leading technology from EMC and VMware to deliver what VCE has referred to as a “quantum leap” forward for hyper-convergence. It sees this as a solution capable of transforming the way we think about modern day IT infrastructure. […]

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EMC World 2015 Recap

Ron Longley| May 26, 2015

In case you weren’t one of the lucky few (14,000+ people from 99 countries) to attend EMC World 2015 in Las Vegas, NV, earlier this month, what follows is a brief highlight of the exciting news and announcements you may have missed! Blocks, and Racks and Appliances, Oh My! The first major announcement came via […]

Simplify Virtual Infrastructure Deployment and Management with EMC's VSPEX BLUE

Arraya Insights| March 6, 2015

The status quo is something few if any IT leaders are being pressured to maintain. Instead, most are asked to tie IT in more closely with the objectives of the overall business while wringing everything they can out of budgets that aren’t exactly skyrocketing. Hitting those targets has made evolving away from the current state […]

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