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The Arraya Approach: How We Do Microsoft Differently

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| February 2, 2016

If you follow this blog or Arraya, you know that M&A is a big part of our Microsoft Practice. This activity isn’t only happening across various commercial industries; it is also happening in the Microsoft Partner arena as well. Microsoft has been on a huge upswing in the last few years, thanks to great solutions, […]

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Scale Microsoft Cloud Resource Usage Up or Down with Ease

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| January 28, 2016

Imagine not being bound by strict Microsoft enterprise agreements (EAs). Instead, licenses, as well as support for those licenses, scales up or down based on need. In a pre-cloud world, the flexibility to make changes on the fly like this didn’t exist. Scaling licenses or support meant either waiting out an EA or working with […]

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M&A Made Easier: Uniting Your Core Microsoft Technologies

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| November 24, 2015

There are few things which can test the mettle of an IT leader quite like a merger or acquisition. Uniting two, usually radically different, IT environments under the same corporate banner requires a tremendous commitment of time and resources to complete. That’s not even taking into consideration the fact that stiff government and industry regulations […]

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Arraya Honored as a Finalist for Innovator of the Year Award

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| October 26, 2015

Innovation is more than a favorite blog topic of ours. It’s long been a cornerstone of our corporate culture here at Arraya and it’s something we strive to bring to every project we embark on.   Our innovative efforts on one project recently ended with something besides a highly-satisfied customer. The work we did eventually led […]

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