M&A Made Easier: Uniting Your Core Microsoft Technologies

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| November 24, 2015

There are few things which can test the mettle of an IT leader quite like a merger or acquisition. Uniting two, usually radically different, IT environments under the same corporate banner requires a tremendous commitment of time and resources to complete. That’s not even taking into consideration the fact that stiff government and industry regulations […]

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5 New Features You Won’t Want to Miss in Microsoft Exchange 2016

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| November 17, 2015

Despite occasional declarations to the contrary, email isn’t going anywhere. At least not as far as the business world is concerned, anyway. Even though we may wish for it to vanish when we come in to a full inbox on a Monday morning, email remains a go-to method for workplace communication and collaboration. As email […]

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Increase IT Security without Slowing Down Your Employees

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| November 12, 2015

Are IT security policies a help or a hindrance? Ask the folks in IT, the ones tasked with keeping data secure and who know how easily lax policies can be exploited, and the answer is a massive help. Ask that same question to end users, however, and you’re liable to get the opposite response. Often, […]

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What You Need to Know About the New Microsoft/Red Hat Deal

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| November 10, 2015

Put the rumors to bed because last week it finally became official: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is coming to Azure. Microsoft and Red Hat, a pair of former rivals, reached a long-buzzed about agreement to make RHEL, Red Hat’s enterprise distribution of Linux, available on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. This move is being viewed […]

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Mysterious Issue Threatens to Derail Windows Server Upgrade

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| November 5, 2015

It’s not often our Microsoft team gets thrown by an issue they encounter at a customer’s site. When it does happen, no white flags are waved and no hands are thrown in the air. Instead, they embrace the challenge and get right to work learning everything they can about the issue so they can solve […]

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Stress-Free Office 365 Roll-outs, Expansions with Arraya’s Managed Services

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| November 3, 2015

There are plenty of roads which lead companies to embark on or expand upon an Office 365 deployment. Things like mobility, email, file sharing and social collaboration are on that list, and each one can have a positive impact on an organization.  Those elements require careful planning and consideration before their full value can be […]

Google Apps – A Distraction, Not a Disruption

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| October 30, 2015

There’s been some interesting news regarding Google Apps for Work recently. First was the announcement that Google is making a very aggressive move in its battle to win the hearts of the Enterprise. At a high level, Google will give away Google Apps to companies with a Microsoft EA as long as they promise to subscribe […]

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4 Data Protection Horror Stories – And How Azure Can Help

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| October 16, 2015

How about getting into the Halloween spirit with a few scary stories? Only these aren’t about vampires or zombies, they’re about a real business fear: keeping control over data. While the undead may be enough for some, seasoned IT pros know the threat of sensitive data falling in the wrong hands is where the real […]

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What’s New in Office 365

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| September 29, 2015

If you’ve ever listened to Julia White, General Manager of Office at Microsoft, speak about Office 365, then you know two things. Microsoft updates Office a lot. As in over 400 improvements in one year, a lot. Secondly, Microsoft has decreased the amount of time it takes to roll out a customer-requested update. This has […]

Success Story: Arraya & Microsoft Save Client from DirSync Disaster

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| September 25, 2015

Office 365 and Active Directory are made for each other. Through Directory Synchronization (DirSync or Azure AD Connect), Active Directory can be extended out into the cloud, allowing for easier management of identities across platforms. Customer impressions differ from reality though. Even with a good partner message, some customers forget about the benefits and begin […]