Overcoming an All-Too Common M&A AD Integration Hiccup

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| September 29, 2016

Mergers and acquisitions can be tough for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is all of the moving pieces on the IT side. At Arraya, we’ve steered many companies and IT teams through these engagements. Over the years, we’ve learned plenty about making the process run more smoothly – including the […]

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Highlights from Microsoft Ignite Day 1

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| September 26, 2016

Microsoft’s Ignite conference got underway earlier this morning and it didn’t take long for the updates to start flying in. Couldn’t make it to Atlanta to experience Ignite for yourself? Don’t worry. A few members of Arraya’s Microsoft Practice are in attendance and we’ll be posting updates right here all week to keep you in […]

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Sinkholes, Outages, and the True Value of DR as a Service

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| September 23, 2016

In 1994, I was a senior in high school. I hadn’t really entered the workforce beyond working at the local pool, JCPenney’s, and, just before my senior year, I worked to sort archives in the garage of my father’s office building. My father owned an actuarial firm in Allentown, located in the Corporate Plaza right […]

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6 Reasons Windows Server 2016 Has Hyper-V Fans Excited

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| September 8, 2016

Microsoft’s Ignite conference is fast approaching and with it comes the release of the company’s latest server OS, Windows Server 2016. Between the new security features and the cloud-readiness, there are plenty of reasons for folks in IT to be excited about the impending release. Hyper-V admins in particular have a lot to look forward […]

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Recapping VMworld Day 2

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| August 31, 2016

  The second day of VMworld 2016 has come and gone. However, we have some business to take care of before we can officially say goodbye to day two of VMware’s conference. So let’s check in with a member of our virtualization team (who will be onsite all week) and get his thoughts on some […]

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Digital Transformation and Azure

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| August 30, 2016

Last month was Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference. In case you missed Erin Steinmetz’s newbie post, it was a great time and focused on more than just the latest technology. Under all the altruism and camaraderie, there was another message underpinning the conference and Microsoft believes it has the power to transform your business. Digital Transformation […]

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Microsoft Ends ‘Pick-a-Patch’: What Should You Do Now?

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| August 25, 2016

Big changes are coming to the patching process for Windows 7 and 8.1 this fall. Microsoft recently announced that, starting in October 2016, admins will no longer be able to pick and choose which patches they want to apply. Instead, patching will be conducted using a cumulative, Windows 10-inspired approach. The list of pros far […]

Azure AD Connect Update Saves Time, Errors During Account Maintenance

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| August 18, 2016

A move to Microsoft’s Office 365 is supposed to make IT’s workload easier to manage – and that’s usually exactly what it does. However, there was one inefficiency the cloud solution was previously unable to correct. As soon as Microsoft released a pair of new features in Azure AD Connect that seemed to address this, […]

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How Metadata Removes the Clutter from SharePoint Sites

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| August 4, 2016

SharePoint’s purpose has always been to make it easier for people to access files and collaborate. However, we’ve seen many SharePoint sites that, while accessible, are far from easy. Too often SharePoint sites are being overwhelmed by folders. It makes sense as people are used to organizing documents via a folder structure. Familiar or not, […]

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Surprise! You’ve Spent Decades in the Cloud & Didn’t Know it

Arraya Insights Arraya Insights| July 27, 2016

Companies seem to be at one of several stages when it comes to the cloud. There are thought leaders that have embraced it and are in the process of transforming their business. The largest group by far are those just ramping up their cloud strategies and starting to dip their toes in. The last group […]

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