Robotic Process Automation

5 RPA Mistakes Businesses Keep Making (and How to Get It Right)

Arraya Insights| January 9, 2019

Organizations from across the business spectrum are flocking to robotic process automation (RPA). And they’re doing so with good reason. In a blog post from earlier this year, our subject matter experts detailed how RPA can help keep ballooning technology costs in check, while also offering anywhere from a 60-70% return on top of initial […]

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Legal IT Says Automation is Ideal - Why is Adoption Low?

Arraya Insights| October 5, 2018

Legal and automation go together like peanut butter and jelly according to a majority of executives working in the industry. In a new survey by Intapp, Inc. and The Lawyer, leaders professed their belief that firms have a lot to gain by deploying hands-off technologies. Despite their overwhelming support, in practice the combination of law […]

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Arraya Insights Radio: Rise of the Machines? Business Process Automation Myths & Realities

Arraya Insights| April 26, 2018

Arraya Insights Radio Episode 7: Rise of the Machines? Business Process Automation Myths & Realities Business Process Automation: Is it the real life first chapter of an epic sci-fi story pitting humanity against machines or is it a looming disruptor, a rising trend coming to make businesses smarter, more efficient, and even more secure? On this month’s […]

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4 Ways Intelligent Process Automation Keeps Budgets in Line

Arraya Insights| April 10, 2018

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is a favorite topic in technology journals and blogs, but is the hype justified? Without consistent, measurable outcomes, plenty of buzzy solutions have struggled to make the transition from “wave of the future” to industry standard. However, IPA, a solution that stands at the intersection of automation and artificial intelligence, isn’t […]

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