5 Common Outsourced Help Desk Complaints And How Arraya Solves Them

5 Common Outsourced Help Desk Complaints (and How Arraya Solves Them)

Arraya Insights | May 4, 2021

Working with a managed Help Desk partner is a great way to relieve some of the burden on internal technology resources, allowing a greater commitment to higher value deliverables. Or at least that’s true in theory. In practice, outsourcing Help Desk duties can present its own set of challenges. If left unaddressed, these obstacles can lead to frustrated end users and more work finding its way back to in-house teams.

Here are 5 common complaints about outsourced Help Desks, as well as the steps we’ve taken at Arraya to ensure the same can’t be said of the services we provide.

1. “They don’t understand my environment.”

No two technology environments are exactly alike. Neither, for that matter, are any two organizations. A managed Help Desk partner must put the work in to learn what makes your environment, and your organization, unique.

The Arraya Difference: Arraya makes it a point to get a lay of both an organization’s technology landscape as well as its broader structure and processes. We’ve also codified this in our training process, pairing new hires with senior Arraya Help Desk resources so newcomers learn the ins and outs of an environment from those already working inside it.

2. “It takes forever for my issues to get solved.”

For some end users, working with an outsourced Help Desk can feel like submitting tickets into a void. Their issues linger unsolved and unacknowledged, causing them to look for their own solutions (with varying degrees of success), submit multiple tickets for one problem (further backing up the Help Desk), or attempt to circumvent the system entirely.

The Arraya Difference: Arraya takes customer service and our service level agreements (SLAs) seriously. Tickets receive immediate acknowledgment and are acted on as their severity/our agreements dictate(s). Our Help Desk leadership team pulls weekly metrics to ensure ongoing SLAs compliance.     

3. “The service isn’t as good as an in-house team.”

It’s not just a question of timing. Often there’s a perception that outsourced means receiving a lesser service. Whether support comes from internal resources or from an outside partner, customers should expect the same high quality support.

The Arraya Difference: Arraya has worked to ensure that by performing regular service quality checks, which, among other purposes, ensure tickets are triaged correctly, and moving through the system as expected. These checks will also review the communications between our team and yours to confirm that the way in which a solution was delivered also meets our high standards.

4. “I’ll be just one client among many.”

It’s true, your in-house Help Desk has but one client to support. By its very nature, a managed Help Desk partner will have many. That shouldn’t leave an organization feeling like a small fish in a very big pond.

The Arraya Difference: Arraya seeks to avoid that by assigning every organization that partners with us for Help Desk a Service Manager. This role functions as an advocate and primary point of contact, coordinating meetings, chasing down concerns and doing whatever else is necessary to ensure every organization we work with feels like the only one.

5. “I’ll be shuffled around just to get answers.”

Some problems require that next level of specialized support to solve. Unfortunately, most Help Desks max out at tier two support, causing more complex tickets to be routed elsewhere for a solution. This can slow down resolution times and lower customer satisfaction.

The Arraya Difference: Arraya has built an expert-level third tier of support directly into our Help Desk, with resources specializing in the kinds of technologies today’s businesses depend on, including network, the cloud, and more. By bringing this expertise into the Help Desk itself, Arraya aims to increase first contact resolution while also ensuring a consistent, positive service experience.

Next Steps: Give Your Help Desk a Boost

Arraya’s Managed Services for Help Desk is specially designed to address the needs of today’s mobile workforce. The service shifts responsibility for supporting your end users over to our experienced and knowledgeable Managed Service team. We work with your existing IT staff to identify and resolve issues quickly to minimize downtime and increase user productivity.

The skill and ROI our team delivers is exemplified by our place on CRN’s Managed Service Provider 500 list, in the MSP Elite 150 category – a distinction we’ve achieved eight years running. This annual list celebrates managed service providers who excel at helping their customers become more efficient and better-suited to thrive in today’s high-tech business world.

To learn more about Managed Help Desk, as well as the full line of Managed Services we offer, visit https://www.arrayasolutions.com/service/managed-services/.

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