8 Key Steps To A Successful Devops Project

8 Key Steps to a Successful DevOps Project

Chris Bovasso | May 21, 2021

Far too many DevOps projects fall short of the lofty outcomes that inspired them, leaving organizations with little to show for their time and resource investments. DevOps success shouldn’t come down to a roll of the dice. That search for consistency inspired Arraya to create our own DevOps project workflow. Each step is designed and field-tested to bring organizations closer to their desired ROI. We’ve also turned this workflow into a handy infographic, which you can view here.    

1. Discovery   

Before we write a single line of code, we first define the parameters of a project. What problem will we solve? How will we measure success? Who will we impact along the way? What are our user stories? Gathering these answers and more ensures clear direction and scope.

2. Solution Design

With our guidelines in place, next we draw up a solution that meets all the requirements laid out before us, both functional (what it does) and non-functional (is it secure, user-friendly, etc.). We then present this to the client and, if approved, we create a project plan establishing milestones, tasks, and so on.

3. Development

This is where the rubber meets the road – or the fingertips meet the keyboards. Whether taking the lead on the project or serving in a support capacity, our team of DevOps experts can make sure the agreed-upon blueprint becomes a reality.

4. User Acceptance Testing

An application that looks good on paper but that fails to connect with users isn’t much of a solution. Our team will partner with a pilot group of those who will use an application day in and day out to make sure it accomplishes in practice what we set out to do in theory. 

5. Training

Once a tool has proven itself ready for prime time, our team will work with the client to implement and oversee a training and adoption program prior to launch. As a result, all users will have the skills necessary to get the most from the application the moment it becomes accessible to them. 

6. Go Live!

This is it. The big day. After all the planning and testing, we will roll out the application to users. We follow our Go Live checklist and communication plan to ensure a successful and transparent deployment.  

7. Support

Even the most rigorous testing can’t catch everything. Sometimes an applications needs to exist in the wild for a period in order for a bug or a compatibility issue to rear its head. Should a problem occur, Arraya’s team can step in and help set things straight.    

8. Maintenance

Just like many tools, applications need regular tune-ups to ensure they’re running at peak performance. We can provide the ongoing support required to keep applications delivering on, or exceeding, expectations long after Go Live.    

Next Steps

Is your organization embarking on a DevOps project? Arraya can help. Our Application Development services connect organizations and their employees with meaningful solutions to real business problems. These solutions com in the form of intelligently built, highly secure tools, backed by the hands-on expertise and tactical leadership needed to deliver success stories that last beyond a Go Live date.

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