Arraya Briefing Center Offers A Unique Learning Experience

Arraya Briefing Center Offers a Unique Learning Experience

Arraya Insights | February 10, 2015

At Arraya, we pride ourselves on the level of personalized service and attention we provide our customers. After all, we recognize the fact that your IT challenges are unique to your company – so a cookie-cutter approach likely won’t get the job done. At the root of every effective and lasting solution is a combination of in-depth tech knowledge and a partner who’s willing to take the time to get to know your organization.

That’s the idea which led us to form the Arraya Briefing Center. Our mission is to deliver personal service which brings about powerful, long-lasting business outcomes. So we’re inviting IT pros from every level – front line staffers up through the C-suite –to schedule a day to come to Arraya’s corporate headquarters in our briefing center.

The time you spend with us at the Arraya Briefing Center will allow you to meet and collaborate face-to-face with Arraya Executives and subject matter experts who are dedicated to providing an unsurpassed informational experience.

Of course, the challenges facing frontline IT pros aren’t the same as the ones facing IT decision-makers. With that in mind, we offer two distinct tracks, each one aimed at providing the right information to the people who will benefit most from it:

  • The Executive Track focuses on the concerns of today’s IT leaders. Together we’ll identify ways to align IT to your business, discuss industry and vertical challenges, and investigate future trends.
  • The Technical Track gets into the nuts and bolts of technology. This track will be perfect for your team members who are more tech-focused. The track includes technology overviews, architectural whiteboard sessions, and product demonstrations aimed at helping choose the solution(s) that address your company’s specific requirements.

What to Expect

By now you might be thinking: “OK, that’s sounds pretty good, but what about the logistics?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In addition to the first class educational experience, attendees of the Arraya Briefing Center will also receive:

  • Transportation (made available upon request)
  • A spacious briefing room that comes complete with:
    • Cisco Telepresence
    • Large HDMI Projection System
    • Access to demo data center
    • Guest WIFI
  • Snacks and refreshments will be available throughout the Briefing
  • Access to a quiet room for unexpected emergencies
  • Dinner on us at a local restaurant

How to Sign Up

Ready to see the impact a day spent in the Arraya Briefing Center can have on your IT operations? To get started, simply request a Briefing with your Arraya Account Manager or click here and she/he will work with you to determine the requirements of the Briefing. Next, an agenda will be created by the Briefing Team and presented to you for approval. Lastly, we’ll work together to determine the optimal date for your Briefing. From there, you’ll be all set to enjoy the benefits of your tailored learning experience!