Arraya Insights Podcast Application Modernization Security Implications And Considerations

Arraya Insights Podcast: Application Modernization – Security Implications and Considerations

Arraya Insights | September 12, 2022

Digital transformation has become an essential step for businesses looking to advance in their industry and remain competitive. For the many businesses who are considering or have already started their migration to the cloud, the journey doesn’t stop there. The next phase, the application modernization process, is where the true benefits of digital transformation lie.

A main consideration when embarking on the app modernization journey is security. Every business has a certain security model that will need to be enforced and often reported on for compliance, among other reasons. Without an OS, engineers need to reevaluate how to secure their applications.

In this episode of the Arraya Insights podcast, Chris Bovasso, Director of Application Services, and Mike Piekarski, Enterprise Security Architect, discuss the security implications and considerations of the application modernization process. They highlight that when it is done correctly, not only can businesses maintain their security posture, they can do so better and more efficiently.

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Chris Bovasso, Director, Application Services: cbovasso@arrayasolutions.com

Mike Piekarski, Enterprise Security Architect: mpiekarski@arrayasolutions.com