Arraya Insights Radio Cyber Security 2020 Refocusing For The New Year

Arraya Insights Radio: Cyber Security 2020: Refocusing for the New Year

Arraya Insights | November 27, 2019

Arraya Insights Radio

Episode 17: Cyber Security 2020: Refocusing for the New Year

Cyber Security was a hot topic all year long and next year promises to be more of the same. More of the same, but also different. On this episode of Arraya Insights Radio, Thomas York, Senior Director of IT Operations, welcomes a first time guest to the podcast: Scott Brion, Arraya’s new Director, Cyber Security. Together, they talk through some of the latest security headlines and theorize how organizations, as well as the industry itself, need to evolve in order to maintain pace with those who seek to inflict cyber harm.

Host: Thomas York (Senior Director, IT Operations)

Guest: Scott Brion (Director, Cyber Security)

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