Arraya Insights Radio Help Wanted Filling Your It Openings The Right Way

Arraya Insights Radio: Help Wanted! Filling Your IT Openings the Right Way

Arraya Insights | February 4, 2020

Arraya Insights Radio

Episode 18: Help Wanted! Filling Your IT Openings the Right Way

Generally speaking, finding the right person to fill openings on your IT team has become a contact sport. It’s an even more rough and tumble task for those looking to fill in-demand roles in areas like cyber security or application development. On this episode of Arraya Insights Radio, our host Thomas York, Arraya’s Senior Director of IT Operations, sits down with Harry Chen, Director, Staffing Solutions, to discuss how organizations can avoid taking the big hits and offer practical advice and insights concerning how to find the right candidate for a position in record time.

Host: Thomas York (Senior Director, IT Operations)

Guest: Harry Chen (Director, Staffing Solutions)

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