Arraya Insights Radio Security Strikes Back Balancing Convenience And Privacy

Arraya Insights Radio – Security Strikes Back: Balancing Convenience and Privacy

Arraya Insights | September 25, 2017

Arraya Insights Radio

Episode 1: Security Strikes Back: Balancing Convenience and Privacy

Host: Thomas York (Arraya’s Director, Quality and Operational Excellence)

Guests: Tom Clerici (Arraya’s Director, Cyber Security) and Matt Sekol (Arraya’s Director, Microsoft and Cloud)

In our debut episode, the Arraya Insights Radio crew analyze the latest trends and news stories impacting cyber security, including the ongoing disaster at Equifax, the changes that could soon be coming to the regulatory environment, and the challenges of securing an increasingly mobile workforce. Later, they turn their cyber security expertise to a galaxy far, far away …

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