Arraya Insights Vodcast Episode 1

Arraya Insights Vodcast: The New Normal and the Hybrid Cloud

Arraya Insights | December 15, 2020

Episode 1: “The New Normal and the Hybrid Cloud”

In this debut episode of the Arraya Insights Vodcast, our team of subject matter experts talk about the impact of COVID-19 from an IT perspective. They also analyze the role the cloud has played – and can continue to play – in mitigating the pandemic’s impact operationally-speaking.

Meet Our Panel:

  • Top Middle: Chuck Kiessling, Senior Director, PreSales Solutions and Vodcast Host Extraordinaire
  • Top Right: Gary Funt, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect and Baby Cloud Baby Sitter
  • Bottom Right: Matt Amato, Cloud Solutions Architect and User Experience Guru
  • Bottom Left: Kirk Freeman, Solutions Architect and Creator of the #MyKirk Bot
  • Top Left: Ron Longley, Director, Data Center Practice and Data Phycisist

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