Arraya Insights Vodcast Episode 2

Arraya Insights Vodcast: The Technologies that Defined 2020 (and What’s to Come in 2021)

Arraya Insights | December 23, 2020

“Episode 2: The Technologies that Defined 2020 (and What’s to Come in 2021)”

On this episode of the Arraya Insights Vodcast, we look back at some of the technologies that helped shape a year like no other. Then, we look ahead to the next crop of solutions and advances heading our way in 2021.

Meet Our Panel:

  • Top Left: Chris Bovasso, Director, Application Services
  • Top Right: Chuck Kiessling, Senior Director, PreSales Solutions
  • Bottom Right: Top Right: Ron Longley, Director, Data Center Practice
  • Bottom Left: Scott Brion, Director, Cyber Security

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