Arraya Insights Vodcast Prioritizing Endpoint Security In The New World Of Work

Arraya Insights Vodcast: Prioritizing Endpoint Security in the New World of Work

Arraya Insights | April 4, 2022

In this episode of the Arraya Insights Vodcast, our panel discusses the importance of endpoint security in today’s “New World of Work”. Now that users are more connected to their business networks from their homes than ever before, what can and should be done to protect home networks? And should organizations have a say in how those networks are configured?

Our panel tackles these questions as well an array of security topics, including endpoint protection, network security, multi-factor authentication, securing VPNs, zero trust, micro-segmentation, and more.

Hosted by Scott Brion, Director, Cyber Security, this episode’s panel includes Mike Piekarski, Enterprise Security Architect, and Keith Wood, Cyber Security Consultant.

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