Arraya Tech Summit Offers Attendees A Rare Opportunity

Arraya Tech Summit Offers Attendees a Rare Opportunity

Arraya Insights | June 2, 2015

Have you registered yet for Arraya’s first annual Tech Summit? If not, you’re in danger of missing out on a full, completely free, day of classes on hot button IT topics presented by Arraya’s respected team of engineers. You’ll also miss a number of other exclusive features set to take place during the Summit, including the Arraya Technology Panel.

During this panel, attendees will have access to the full scope of Arraya’s technical expertise. Leaders with dozens and dozens of years of combined experience, from each of our subject areas, will take to the stage to participate in a lively debate and roundtable on topics such as the cloud, collaboration, managed services and IT security to name a few. The conversation will be solution-focused and product and vendor agnostic.

After the initial discussion, the floor will be opened up and attendees will have the chance to ask any IT questions of their own in order to hear our experts’ unfiltered answers and opinions.

“The motivation for this session was to give the audience an opportunity to pick the brains of our experts,” said Thomas York, Arraya’s Director of Product Management, who will be moderating the panel. “Our team is used to coming in and deploying solutions. Rarely are they offered the opportunity to share their knowledge and insight on trends.”

And the panelists are excited for that opportunity.

“It means a lot to be chosen to be on the Tech Panel,” Mark Nixon, Arraya’s Data Management Team Lead, said. “It’s a sign that the company not only trusts in my opinions but is willing to let me be a voice for Arraya. That level of trust in its employees is part of what makes this company such a great place to work.”

“It’s an honor to participate in the Tech Panel with other key delivery employees and discuss new technology trends and concepts,” Kevin Taggart, Arraya Solution’s Enterprise Networking Team Lead, told us.

Mark Marra, Arraya’s Microsoft Solutions Team Lead, noted that: “VMware competes with Microsoft Hyper-V, Cisco WebEx and Jabber compete with Skype for Business, etc. Despite that fact, the leaders of each of Arraya’s teams are still going to come together, on a single panel and talk solutions not products. That shows Arraya is committed to doing what’s best for the customer, not what’s best for a specific partner.

“Being part of an organization that puts the customer first is very important to me, and it’s humbling to be surrounded by peers who are so talented in their specific disciplines,” Marra added.

What will you walk away with?

What can audience members expect to gain by listening to and participating in the panel? We asked the panelists themselves to give their thoughts. Considering the wide range of insight and experience each panelist brings to the table, it was really no surprise that we received plenty of different responses.

“How to get your time back is going to be a big part of the conversation,” Trent Hewitt, Arraya’s Support Services Team Lead, said.

Raj Shanmugam, Arraya’s Cisco Collaboration Team Lead, pointed out: “Work from home is legacy now. Work from anywhere is the next big thing. You don’t need your workforce in the office every day. Our discussion at the Tech Summit will shed some light on how and where work will be done in the future.”

“I hope attendees gain a clearer understanding of the trends in our industry and the factors driving those trends,” Tadd Williams, Arraya’s Microsoft Collaboration Team Lead, said. “This insight can help them to make decisions in the 1-2 year timeframe that can better position their organizations’ IT assets 5-10 years from now.”

Halim Chtourou, Arraya’s Virtualization Team Lead, said:Hopefully attendees gain a better understanding of what common industry buzzwords actually mean to them and how we can help them move their level of technology forward to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency and user satisfaction.”

Check out the Tech Panel, as well as a variety of in-depth courses and sessions, all presented by techs for techs at the inaugural Arraya Tech Summit. The day-long event will be held on June 4, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Sheraton Valley Forge in King of Prussia. Even though the event is free, space is limited, so be sure to register now to secure your spot!

To learn more about Arraya, visit us online at www.ArrayaSolutions.com and follow us on Twitter, @ArrayaSolutions, for all of the latest Tech Summit, company and tech industry updates.