Arrayas Been Embracing Innovation And Feeling The Impact

Arraya’s been Embracing Innovation and Feeling the Impact

David Bakker | July 10, 2014

Innovation is key to growing a company.  It’s a trend that will soon become a standard – taught in college business classes along with entrepreneurship and organizational behavior. Co-founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page, once said, “Incremental improvements are not good enough. The standard for success is whether we can get these into the world and do audacious things.” 

Every business has the potential to be innovative, but the challenge is finding the right mix of tools, people, process and culture to foster it. 

Arraya Solutions has experience in producing tailored services and products for customers in the areas of infrastructure consulting, application development, and managed services. We’ve been applying that same agile mentality to the workplace – working with different techniques to see what works best and what’s well received. 

The articles in this Innovation Series will look into Arraya’s application of ground-breaking business trends such as:

  • How setting up the new generation of employees for success has already paid off and will continue to provide an environment that focuses on fostering innovation;
  • How transferring the habit of social learning from people’s everyday lives into the workplace has expanded employee potential;
  • How focusing on what matters has kept employees engaged in a business world full of growing perspectives and demands;
  • How never saying “no” has made innovation a standard, rather than a short term goal;
  • How implementing a just-in-time method has allowed Arraya to deliver opportunities as they present themselves; and,
  • How a business strategy can be put in place to apply tomorrow, as well as 3 years from now.

We have earned our place among CRN’s Tech Elite 250 because we dare to be different. Arraya is determined to be innovative. We’re not just encouraging our employees to work more creatively and come up with new ideas. We’ve put the right tools in place for them to do so, and these habits are being driven by our management teams – transforming the work culture with new, more efficient processes, smarter work habits, and better ideas. This series will show you how you can apply those same techniques to support innovation within your own organization.