Avamar For Everyone

Avamar for Everyone!

Arraya Insights | November 16, 2012

What is EMC Avamar?

Those of you who wrestle with backups on a regular basis have probably heard of EMC Avamar. If you’re familiar with Avamar, then you already know it is a complete deduplication backup system, with integrated backup and recovery software and purpose-built backup appliance. You also know Avamar is the purpose-built backup appliance leader with its unique source-based (client-side) global data deduplication, which greatly reduces backup windows and the amount of data sent over the network. And at some point, you probably got the feeling that Avamar was designed for “The Big Guys”. Enter one of EMC’s latest offerings to the Avamar family, Avamar Business Edition.

What is Avamar Business Edition?

Simply put, Avamar Business Edition extends all the benefits of EMC’s industry leading technology to the mid-market customer.

  • Provides a cost-effective, simple backup and recovery solution that delivers enterprise-class backup
  • Delivers the benefits of Avamar’s network and storage efficiencies
  • Offered as single node solution, with or without replication
  • Sized appropriately for the typical mid-market customer at 7.8 TB of capacity
  • Provides license flexibility with the option to license full capacity (7.8 TB) or half capacity (3.9 TB)

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