Bringing The Online Shopping Experience To Service Requests

Bringing the Online Shopping Experience to Service Requests

Arraya Insights | July 21, 2015

Even though Amazon’s Prime Day deals weren’t all winners, you at least have to admit the company’s user experience remains top notch. Now you can incorporate a similar interface into the day-to-On demand serviceday operations of your company with Service Catalog from ServiceNow. Before you know it, employees will be ordering services from Marketing or HR just like they order discounted tubes of “beard growther” or “doggie paw plungers” from Amazon.

If this sounds appealing – the modern and intuitive user interface, not the paw plungers – you’ve got a lot of company. In fact, 76% of managers say they’d like to have the option to place orders for work services online, just like they place orders on consumer websites. The idea being that, if employees had access to such a tool and it was easy to use, it would help tidy up the flow of communication between departments, leading to fewer miscues and faster service delivery.

One stop for your service needs

So how does it work? Service Catalog consumerizes the service request process. It removes confusion and inefficient processes (such as email) from end user interactions with service providers, transforming them into smarter and more streamlined exchanges. This equates to less frustration for both sides of the request and a higher grade of service quality.

This tool collects all of the services utilized by an organization and houses them under the same roof. Instead of going to one spot to submit an IT request and another to submit a request for Marketing collateral, end users will be able to do so from the same portal.

What else can Service Catalog do for your organization? It features:

  • self-service options so end users can look up the answers to commonly-encountered issues which they may be able to solve themselves. This ensures service providers aren’t burning precious hours chasing down a stream of lower-value projects
  • a Catalog Item Designer feature which extends the power to create and edit items in the catalog to folks outside of IT who are the true experts in their specific areas (think: HR staffers, Facilities team members, etc.)
  • automated, enterprise-wide fulfillment to speed up service delivery
  • improved reporting capabilities, including chargeback and differential pricing models and usage and cost data, gives leadership a better idea of service demand and where improvement opportunities exist
  • the ability to fully integrate with the entire spectrum of ServiceNow offerings, ensuring it truly is a one stop shop for service management

Transform your enterprise with ESM

IT is no longer looked at as the keeper of the business’ infrastructure. In the modern corporate landscape, IT has been recast as a dynamic, service-centric unit which plays a key role in driving the success of the organization as a whole. That’s where Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tools such as those offered by ServiceNow can help.

The powerful automation and self-service provided by ESM remove time-sapping inefficiencies from the internal processes of an organization. Once those inefficiencies have been shed, it allows for more time to support the constantly-evolving needs of today’s workforce and to create the innovative solutions companies need to stay competitive.

Arraya prides itself on providing our customers with solutions that simplify their businesses. It’s at the core of every customer engagement we participate in. This notion is what led to our ESM practice and our ServiceNow partnership. We strongly believe in these solutions’ ability to transform the enterprise for the better. They can optimize and simplify, as well as standardize and automate – all to help our customers achieving long-lasting, positive results.

If you’d like to learn more about the ESM solutions Arraya has to offer, visit us at www.ArrayaSolutions.com. If you’re ready to have a more detailed conversation about whether or not ESM is the right option for your company, click here to set up a meeting with an Arraya Account Executive.

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