Cisco Data Center Partner Connection Update 1 Where Iot Big Data And Analytics Meet

Cisco Data Center Partner Connection – Update 1: Where IoT, Big Data, and Analytics Meet

Arraya Insights | February 13, 2015

Cisco has been touting the Internet of Things for several years, calling it a $19 trillion global opportunity over the next decade.  There are roughly 25 billion devices connected to the Internet today, but it is estimated that it will double to 50 billion by 2020.  That’s a lot of new devices, and who is better positioned to help connect all of those devices than Cisco?  For years, Cisco has been the world’s clear leader in connecting devices to the network/Internet.  So it is totally expected that they would be leading the way again by helping to create new standards for device connectivity and driving awareness through the IOT World Forum. 

Now, Cisco has announced that it has created a full suite of Big Data and Analytics solutions based on its own and partners’ technologies.  In the Data Management space, Cisco is working with companies like MapR, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and others to create fully tested reference architectures so that customers can quickly and confidently build Hadoop data lakes to take control of their disaggregated data.  In fact, Cisco has completed the world’s first Big Data TPC benchmark for Hadoop clusters to prove their architecture’s performance and scalability.  In the Data Integration space, Cisco has invested in and released several of their own offerings, as well as working with SAP, Informatica, and Affluent.  In Analytics and BI, Cisco has partnered with splunk, sas, SAP, MicroStrategy, platfora, and tableau. 

Why has Cisco made these investments and created these partnerships?  And how does IoT intersect with Big Data and Analytics?  All of the new devices that will be connected to the Internet will generate massive amounts of data.  This data is useless unless it can be easily and cheaply stored (Hadoop) and quickly and easily accessed and analyzed.  Cisco is focused on driving business outcomes for its customers and they are proving it by providing end-to-end infrastructure solutions for IoT, Big Data, and Analytics.  

At Arraya, we work hard every day to partner with our customers and help them deliver strategic business outcomes.  Contact your Account Manager today to schedule a briefing about how Arraya and Cisco can help you to unlock the power of your data by providing proven end-to-end infrastructure solutions for your IoT, Big Data, and Analytics needs.  Additionally, you can learn more here: At-A-Glance: The Internet of Things and Connect Analytics to Data.

About Cisco’s Data Center Partner Connection:

The Cisco Data Center Partner Connection is an exclusive invitation-only event, providing opportunities to network with leading executives and data center solution partners. Together, we will discuss our vision for the data center and how we are redefining the power of IT to increase your customer footprint and accelerate profitability.

During this conference, you will have opportunities to:

  • Explore how Cisco’s cloud strategy will put you in position to capitalize on industry shifts that are driving new consumption models
  • Understand new offerings, competitive positioning and go-to-market strategies that will increase deal size and profitability
  • Learn about and help influence the strategic direction of the Cisco Data Center portfolio including open source tie ins such as OpenStack
  • Participate in one-on-one meetings with Cisco Data Center senior leadership

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