Cisco Enterprise Executive Connection Update 3 The Intelligent Wan

Cisco Enterprise Executive Connection – Update 3: The Intelligent WAN

Arraya Insights | February 13, 2015

Most companies have spent a lot of time and money trying to provide adequate application performance to their branch offices.  This usually has involved buying larger MPLS circuits, installing dedicated optimization appliances, and deploying virtual desktops.  With Cisco’s new IWAN offering, organizations can now gain control over their spiraling branch office infrastructure investments.  Using a single router appliance, IWAN allows you to augment your network with lower cost Internet connections, gain service provider flexibility, more fully utilize your WAN links, and provide application optimization, intelligent caching, and highly secure direct Internet access.  

With IWAN, you can quickly roll out bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and guest Wi-Fi services. And it doesn’t matter which transport model you prefer, whether Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), the Internet, cellular, or a hybrid WAN access model.  Additionally, IWAN allows you to quickly support new cloud based applications at the branch office with LAN like performance.  The savings from IWAN often pay for the branch infrastructure investments, and may also free up resources for new, innovative business services. 

To discuss how your organization can benefit from IWAN, contact your Arraya account manager to schedule a briefing.  Additionally you can watch the Cisco Intelligent WAN Interactive Demonstration

About Cisco’s Enterprise Executive Connection:

The Executive Connection is an exclusive invitation-only event, providing opportunities to network with leading executives and enterprise solution partners. Together with attendees, Cisco discusses its vision for enterprise solutions and how it’s redefining the power of IT to increase customer footprint and accelerate profitability.

During this conference, attendees have opportunities to:

  • Hear from Cisco executives on their focus and future
  • Get updates on new offerings and business opportunities
  • Join roundtables including “Partner of the Future” and other areas 

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