Customers Speak Out On Arrayas Managed Services

Customers Speak Out on Arraya’s Managed Services

Arraya Insights | June 30, 2015

Arraya’s Managed and Cloud Services have received their share of customer praise, vendor acknowledgement and industry recognition over the years. Despite all of that positivity, we believe there’s always room to grow and improve our services. In order to learn where we were succeeding and where we could do better, we put together our first annual Managed Services Survey.

The results are in and overall we’re extremely pleased. Most of what our customers told us was very favorable, although we were still able to glean a couple of areas to improve upon.

First a note on the makeup of those who took part in the survey. Respondents came from a number of different industries, including healthcare, finance, real estate and legal and represented companies ranging from smaller organizations with a single location to enterprises with a global reach. In addition to our Managed Services customers, we also included in the survey those who utilize ALERT, our enterprise monitoring and support service, and/or PROTECT, our cloud-based backup service.

According to the survey:

  • 100% see their relationship with Arraya growing as a result of Managed Services
  • 100% see Arraya support as highly available
  • 90% say their productivity has increased as a result of Managed Services
  • 90% see Arraya’s support staff as highly knowledgeable
  • 90% see Arraya as an extension of their IT team

Two perfect scores and three that are right next door to it. Can’t ask for much more than that, right? Well, you can if you’re truly looking for ways to get even better. We see tremendous value in tapping in to what our customers think about our services. So we examined the raw data more closely to see what we could find.

How we plan to improve

We looked at the results we got for the question about the availability of our team. On that question, 100% said we are highly available and one respondent, an IT Director from a not-for-profit organization in the healthcare industry, told us in a survey follow-up call that: “We’ve tried other providers, however, we found that none of them were able to match the expertise and customer service of Arraya.”

That was great to hear, but we wanted to learn more. We broke down that 100% score and saw that 40% strongly agreed we are highly available and 60% gave us a somewhat less-enthusiastic “agreed.” It may sound like splitting hairs, but we want to earn a “strongly agreed” from all of our customers. Even before we received those results, we’d made expanding the size of our Managed Services team a priority. The survey confirmed for us the value in pursuing that objective.

Having 90% of respondents call our staff “highly knowledgeable” is a terrific compliment, as is hearing an IT Manager from a global software provider say: “I’m always amazed by the level of talent and the caliber of people Arraya has on staff.”

Again, we feel like we can still do better. That’s why we make sure the members of our Managed Services team have access to the latest industry certifications. They are able to keep their skills up to date and continue to excite our customers by delivering smart and effective solutions.

“We’re not a big company,” explained the Director of IT Infrastructure for a leasing and finance company, “but we have the same needs as a larger one, so the extra hands Managed Services provides really helps.” That quote dovetailed nicely with the 90% of respondents who agreed our staff has made them more productive.

Still, there’s another level we know we can reach. It’s in that spirit we developed the Technical Advocate role. This position is designed to act as a bridge between Arraya and the Customer by scheduling regular face time with on premises staff to find ways to improve the support we provide.

Unlocking IT’s potential

The Arraya Solutions Managed Services team has years of experience supporting on-premises and Cloud-based infrastructure and applications. The team complements existing IT personnel by being able to take responsibility for everything from infrastructure monitoring and daily administration tasks to being proactive in the event of a problem. Our Managed Services team is there to provide assistance and guidance any time the need should arise.

To learn more about Arraya’s Managed Services and how they can benefit your organization, check out: www.arrayasolutions.com/service/managed-services. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter @ArrayaSolutions to keep up with all of the latest company and industry news.