Dell Emc Support Update Circle These Dates On Your Calendar

Dell EMC Support Update: Circle These Dates on Your Calendar

Arraya Insights | December 10, 2018

Over the next few weeks and months, a number of key Dell EMC solutions will reach their end of service life (EOSL) dates or seedell emc end of life end of support extended EOSL support run out. For those waist-deep in the 2019 budgeting process, now is the time to prepare for life after these solutions. Otherwise, organizations will have to enter the new year facing the very real dangers of pressing ahead with unsupported Dell EMC technology in their data centers.

First, let’s go over some of those solutions approaching the end of extended support. Once this date hits, Dell EMC will no longer provide patches or any other type of support. For those currently leveraging these solutions, the recommended course of action is to upgrade to more modern – and still supported technologies:

  • Avamar Data Store 1.0
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 11/30/18
  • Avamar Data Store Gen2
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 12/31/18
  • Connectrix – Brocade
    • Version: DS-220B, DS-4900B, DS-5000B
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 1/31/19
  • Data Domain
    • Version: DD580
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 12/31/18
  • RecoverPoint
    • Version: Gen3
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 2/28/19
  • CLARiiON CX3
    • Versions: CX3-10C, CX3-10DC, CX3-20, CX3-20C, CX3-20F, CX3-20FDC, CX3-40, CX3-40C, CX3-40F, CX3-40FDC, CX3-CX3-80
      • EOSL (Extended Support): 3/31/19

Still sporting an extended support option: Dell EMC Isilon, Data Domain

The following solutions are nearing their original EOSL dates. For these technologies, upgrading is still the best option as doing so means a host of new, more modern features. It also puts the most time between organizations and having to worry about budgeting for upgrades, refreshes, etc. However, if a full-fledged upgrade isn’t in the cards, organizations would be wise to invest in Dell EMC’s extended support option. This service adds a few additional years of support and maintenance to legacy technology. Here’s a look at the technologies going EOSL that have an extended support option:

  • Connectrix – Cisco
    • Versions: MDS-9124, MDS-9124-0D, MDS-9124-4GSW, MDS-9124-8, MDS-9124-8D, MDS-9124-PWR
    • EOSL (Original): 1/31/19
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 1/31/23
  • Isilon
    • Versions: S200-100GB SSD, X200-500GB SATA, X400-100GB SSD
    • EOSL (Original): 12/31/18
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 12/31/23
  • Data Domain
    • Version: DD620
    • EOSL (Original): 12/31/19
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 12/31/24
  • Data Domain
    • Versions: DD640, DD670, DD860, DD890
    • EOSL (Original): 3/31/19
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 3/31/24
  • VNX1
    • Versions: VNX5500 (Block, File, & Unified), VNX5700 (Block, File, & Unified), VNX7500 (Block, File, & Unified), VNX7500, VNX5700, VNX5500 Upgrades
    • EOSL (Original): 12/31/19
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 12/31/24
  • VNX1
    • Versions: VNX5100 (Block only), VNX5150 (Block only), VNX5300 (Block), VNX5300 (File & Unified), VNX5300, VNX5100 Upgrades
    • EOSL (Original): 12/31/20
    • EOSL (Extended Support): 12/31/25

Next steps: Supporting your organization’s ideal modern data center

Can any of the above Dell EMC technologies currently be found in your organization’s data center? Are you interested in learning more about the modernization options you have available to you? Arraya’s Data Center team is here to help. Our team of experts can work with you to assess the present state of your technology environment and help you plan and execute an update that addresses your unique needs. Get the conversation started with our team today by visiting: https://www.arrayasolutions.com/contact-us/.

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