Emc Offers Customers A Chance To Save On Backup And Recovery

EMC Offers Customers a Chance to Save on Backup and Recovery

Arraya Insights | February 16, 2015

It may not be as punchy as “Be Mine” and it probably won’t fit on just one conversation heart, but what IT leader wouldn’t have loved to get the following message this Valentine’s Day: “Here’s a chance to upgrade your backup and recovery capabilities without breaking the bank in the process?” Well, guess what? EMC has delivered.

For a limited time only, EMC is offering customers a chance to purchase its Data Protection Suite for Backup 1-50TB at the exclusive EMC business partner purchase price of $3470/TB. This offer also includes one year of prepaid maintenance.

The Data Protection Suite delivers backup and recovery for your enterprise apps, including local and cloud-based protection. It also offers management and reporting tools. The end result? A best-of-breed backup which can lower the cost of ownership and provide peace of mind for IT.

The package contains:

  • All Avamar modules and options which are regularly available as part of the Avamar backup software family
  • All NetWorker modules and options which come standard with a NetWorker capacity license, and
  • Data Protection Advisor (DPA) modules that are unique to both Avamar and NetWorker backup software.

Simple, flexible, effective

Customers who make the upgrade will have access to EMC’s industry-leading cloud and local backup, archive, and compliance software. The software’s tier-based licensing options ensure you’re getting the perfect level of protection to optimize your IT budget.

The Data Protection Suite is also flexible. Users will be able to mix and match software options without compatibility headaches. Also, the suite can operate across physical, virtualized and even cloud-based environments. This means no matter what upgrades you may have planned for your IT infrastructure in the coming years, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your backup and recovery suite will be compatible.

Another benefit of the software is its simplicity. Licensing for the Data Protection Suite works in one of two ways. It can either be operated on a front-end protected capacity or on a user-based model, whichever better fits your company’s needs. On the acquisition, implementation and management side, its single SKU also helps to simplify things considerably.   

Like those flowers and chocolates you probably rushed out to buy this past weekend, this offer won’t last forever. It’s scheduled to run only until the end of Q1 of 2015, so you’ll want to act fast.

You won’t be able to take advantage of this deal by going directly to EMC, however. If you want to save on the Data Protection Suite, you’ll only be able to do so by going through authorized EMC business partners and authorized EMC distributors, such as Arraya Solutions.

Want to learn more about EMC’s Data Protection Suite discount and how Arraya’s unparalleled tech know-how and personalized service can help you make your backup and recovery processes more efficient and cost-effective? Reach out to your Arraya Account Executive today, or feel free to email us for additional information.